Today’s Prayer (02/01/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray for the lost people in Mormonism. They don’t realize the wicked path they are on. Their church is full of darkness and led by Satan, but they cannot see this. Instead, they send young men and women out in the world to lead Christians off of Your path and into a cult. I rebuke these false teachers, especially the missionaries and their prophets. These are the hardest people to reach for Your sake. They have set in their minds what they believe is true and convincing them of anything else takes a miracle. Even sharing verses from the Bible that speaks against their false teachings, they would listen. How is it that their false prophets have led them so far astray? It is sad to think that they would rather trust in men over what the Bible teaches. Truly, this is cult-like, and for them to say that churches in Christianity are false, leads me to believe their religion is of the devil. They have been fighting against You and Your people since their founding. I believe in You, Jesus. I trust in You alone for salvation, not men. Amen.
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