Today’s Prayer (02/07/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray that Mormons will stop closing their hearts to You and Your witnesses that are in all the world. We are only trying to help them know You, but they continue to have closed minds and hearts to what is true. They see us as a threat to what they believe in, and so they prey on the weak instead of hearing out what Christians want to share with them. Even today I was reading a message I wrote about Mormonism, and immediately my family thought I was the worst person to ever walk the earth. God, this is common in this household. I don’t understand why truth hurts so much, but it does. I can still remember when I was stuck in this cult. It offended me also when I heard people speaking against what I believed in. However, now I am glad that there were people so bold as to speak Your truth, no matter if it caused certain individuals to be offended. What I know, Lord, is that it is better to be offended in this life and come to know Your truth, than to be offended in the next and have no chance at being saved. You are God, Jesus, and I am grateful that You saved me. I love You! I give You praise. Amen.
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