Today’s Prayer (02/03/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will not be confused when it comes to the true gospel message from the Bible. It is hard to believe that people would tamper with this most important message. Instead of telling people that You died for our sins, Jesus, was buried, and then rose from the grave, they add Gethsemane. Truly, they hate the cross and substitute its importance with the garden. This very much infuriates me and other Christians. Instead of Your blood atoning for their sins, they have allowed Satan to blind their eyes into believing a false atonement that does nothing for them. Even today, I tried to talk sense into a Mormon that I debated, when it comes to the atonement. However, he would not listen. His heart was set on Gethsemane being the place of the atonement, no matter if the Bible says nothing about the garden when it comes t to the atonement. Do they not know the scriptures and that only on the cross was the payment of sins made for mankind? Only their cult, and branches of it, would teach something different. Help them, Lord. I believe in You, Jesus. I trust in You and Your message of hope. Amen.

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