Today’s Prayer (02/09/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray for these lost Mormons who have absolutely no fear of God. Maybe if You shook them up and down they would wake up. They need You to show them the truth. These people are asleep and under a spell from their false prophets. How is it that they deny what the Bible teaches and would rather believe in what their false teachers say instead? This is so sad. And when talking to them, all they can do is cover their ears lest they learn something about their cult and form doubts. Many of these lost people tell Christians to stop talking, lest they hear Your truth and come out of their delusion. They are leading Millions of people on a stairway to hell fire and damnation. Lord, their baptisms for the dead is such a wicked practice. I can just imagine what their sentence is for doing such evil things. Thankfully, You are God and also our judge. Do I wish that more Mormons would resign and come to real faith in You? Of course, I do. I just know that this will never be the reality for the majority of them. I will continue to reach them for Your cause, while looking for the one in the ninety and nine to have an open heart to Your teachings in the Bible. I trust in You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.

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