Today’s Prayer (02/02/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray for an urgency to get right with You. There are thousands of more people who could be saved, but they would rather see You in Your wrath than not. How hard is it for them to see themselves as a sinner and a need to get right with You? Why do people resist You and not humble themselves at Your feet for mercy? God, if any of these people are reading this prayer now, wake them up to righteousness, holiness, and purity. Help them know that our bodies are a temple of the living God, and that we ought to treat them this way also. It is my desire to point these people to You. I lift my finger up to the heavens and say, look to Jesus and be saved. You have the power to do all things. Even to save me, a vile sinner, and awake me to righteousness. I love You, Lord. Your mercy endures forever. Have Your way in my life. Amen.
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