Today’s Prayer (02/21/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray for people who are so prideful and full of themselves. These people are everywhere, even in many different religious systems. It is sad when I meet a person who believes things that are entirely of man and not of the Bible and will not listen when I correct them. Your counsel can go a long way, even to chasten a person who is in the wrong. If people just knew that Your people are also being led by You, then they would take what they say seriously. Instead, we have people in different cults and other religious structures that won’t listen to a Christian if they paid them. Lord, these workers of iniquity don’t realize the judgments that are already upon them lest they repent and get right with You in this life. I am afraid that too many people are destined for hell because of their selfish ambitions and pride. Lord, thank You for taking my hard heart and making it humble. I love to learn from You and other Christians now. Thank You for leading people into my life. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

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