Today’s Prayer (02/08/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray for Your hand of mercy. Your people have sinned greatly in Your sight, but we are sorry. Hear our prayers. Our confessions are sincere, and we know the gravity of our sins. These wicked things have pierced our hearts and now it is hard to carry on because of it. You know exactly who I am talking about. Many people have concealed these evil things up until now, but now we have become burdened because of our past. God, we have confessed our sins one to another and confess our sins to You also. It is understandable that people may not forgive us, but You are different. Jesus, You died for sins, that we might be made clean through Your blood. So clean us from the inside out, even now. Cleanse us of all our iniquities. Give us clean hands and a pure heart. We were not living for You in the past, but we are ready to now. We come in oneness together and say, I give You my life. Come and take me by the hand and lead me to green pastures. I will do as You say. Give me strength, dear Lord. I love You. Amen.
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