Today’s Prayer (02/14/2023)

Oh Lord, thank You for my wife. We have been together now for sixteen, almost seventeen years, which hasn’t always been easy, but worth it still. What a wonderful woman she is. Not only is she a wonderful mother, but continually cares for their daily needs. I am left amazed how well our children are doing in school because she stays up late with them helping them with their homework. They always have a lunch made and there is food on the table each day. I cannot tell her enough for everything she does for our children and myself. Lord, I have been able to go on mission trips, do evangelism on the weekends, and more, without any questions asked. I am grateful that she trusts me, especially when I am out serving You. In this new year, we have both made new goals, but one I will make now is to have You in this marriage more and more. I am not perfect when it comes to loving my wife the way she deserves to be loved. So help me do what is necessary in order for her to feel loved by me. Lead me through the Holy Spriit, in order for this marriage to continue on with You at the head. Lead us, Jesus. I love You, God. Amen.
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