Today’s Prayer (02/15/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray that Mormons will see how false their teachings really are and run away from them and into Your arms. This is what I have been hoping for the many years that I have been witnessing to them. My desire is sincere and to only see them avoid the destructive path they are on, while getting on the path that leads to eternal life in heaven. This life is short and to continue to believe something that is false is so terrible. Do they not realize that every time they close their ears to Christians, and what Your Bible teaches, their ears are also closed off to You also? I am sad to know that hundreds of Mormon missionaries that have blocked me on Facebook over the years. Not only have they stopped listening to Your servant, but they have also stopped listening to You. I have to wonder what is so important in their cult that keeps them in it. Truly, for You to give them a clean heart is more important than keeping friends and family intact. Help them understand that people may not be happy with our choices, but for You, it does not matter. I love You, Jesus. You are my everything. Amen.

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