Today’s Prayer (05/31/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all become more kind and considerate of other people’s needs. That we will begin to look past ourselves and into the lives of others around us. So many people are suffering and are in dire need of our help and even our prayers, but too many people are caught up in their own selfish needs. The selfishness in people’s lives is causing others to not get the necessary help they need. So, Lord, I pray that more people will be given a heart to bless others. That we will volunteer to pray for people while we are chatting them online and in person. That we will notice if there is anything that people need and jump at the opportunity to help them. Even if it means to feed the homeless, help our neighbors trim their trees, mow their yard, and rake up leaves. These are simple things but can bring much love into another person’s life who is unable to perform these things on their own. For this reason, do I pack the trunk of my car with things that will bless others throughout the year. If it is blankets, hats, gloves, water, snacks, gospel tracks, Bibles, and other things that You put on my heart to do. I do this so that I am ready to give when an opportunity arises. I would hate to be unprepared when I am on the road and a homeless person has a sign. Lord, I’ve had the best encounters with people when I have stopped and helped another person. After parking my car and getting the necessary supplies out of my trunk, in order to give to the homeless person fills me up with much joy and peace. I’ve seen countless people be overjoyed and even come to tears because of this also, and I am just grateful for the opportunities to love on them. Lord, this is the best thing we can do, and I hope that more people will do the same. This may also mean getting food from a fast-food restaurant and delivering it to the homeless person as well, which is love in the making. We have so much love in us to share with one another. It is just a matter of time that people get out of their comfort zone and start being a light unto the lost and broken-hearted. We can be a blessing of hope to another person at home to our neighbors, in stores and at the register, and on the streets. We are Your hands and feet and I will go and do what you would do if You were here. I love You, Lord. You are my greatest joy of all. Amen.


Today’s Prayer (05/30/2020)

Oh lord, I pray that people will desire to have the Holy Spirit in their lives. That this thought of having You with them at all times would actually reside in their hearts. I know that this will take a miracle for most people, but I pray that there are still some people who are willing to do this. You are looking for those who are broken and humble of heart, and who need a Savior. These desire mercy and forgiveness, along with a better life. They are tired of finding temporary joy which only leads to guilt and shame. Lord, narrow is the gate which leads to life eternal and I pray that more people will desire to go through it. Take them out of the wide gate that they are traveling through right now. That You may lead them in the ways that are righteous. Once people experience the type of joy that they can gain while in the Spirit, they will never look back. Even Your very elect will want a double portion of Your spiritual gifts in their lives. These are those that saved and desire to also share the good news of the gospel message with their friends. For how can we be saved and not want to tell anyone else that You can save their lives also. As I’ve read in scripture, we are the light of the world. This is speaking to those who believe in and also live their lives for You. We don’t hide our faith under a bushel but shine our lights for all people to see. This is a dark world that we live in today, but so many people’s lives can still be impacted for the good. If they would just allow You to light up their lives, amazing things would start to happen for them and others around them. I am talking about people who desire to be made alive in You and not be found wanting any longer. Your ways are so good, but only a few people can see this. I just wish that there would be more people saved from the power of Satan and no longer be on the path which leads to hell. Your ways are holy, but also leads us safe way to heaven. Who will follow You is the question? As for me, I will follow You until the end of my days. I am nothing without You in my life. I love You more than anything else. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/29/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will wake up to their sins. That people will no longer put off the day of their repentance. Surely, every person that is into idolatry will one day experience the wrath to come, come death. We cannot trust in anything or anybody else, but you, Lord, for salvation. There is only one Name under heaven that we can be saved, and it is Christ Jesus. So please help people that are living in a state of idolatry to wake up. I do not wish anyone else to die and open their eyes in the fiery depths of hell. This is so terrible just to imagine, so I know that experiencing hell first hand must be absolutely terrifying in every fashion of the word. This is the place that was prepared for the devil and his angels, but has been opened up to wicked people as well. It just kills me to think of all the people that are now in this dark place, where there is no water to quench their thirst. Lord, while people are alive now, help them know what their idols are. I am not just talking about carved idols and statues, which are absolutely wrong, but the idols people make for themselves outside of that. God, people do not realize that serving their smartphones, their TVs, gaming consoles, and other things, while only saying they believe in You. This is not true faith. Surely, if people are caught up in what they have accumulated because of money, it will be their downfall come death. Lord, awaken people like this. Help them know that giving their attention over to things that go against you is so wrong. Also, help them know that who they give their time to is their god or idol instead of You. What I wish is that people would understand the need to give You time instead of other things. This I pray that they may live in Your love and one day go to heaven. Every idol that is in a person’s life can be loosed from them, but they must be willing to give things up. A humble person, who wishes to live for You and not the world, is what is required. I love You, Lord. You are my greatest joy. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/28/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people in this world will learn to understand the difference between a man of God and a wolf in sheep’s clothing. So often do both of these types of people appear genuine on the outside, but only one of them is genuine in the inside. What is sad is that these false prophets outnumber those people who really have the gift of prophecy in our day. So, Lord, I pray that people’s minds and ears are open to learning what You have said in the Bible, for it pertains to our day. That they may start seeking You out often in prayer as well. This way they will see who is really a charlatan and who is legit. Their eyes will be opened, much like mine have, and finally see the truth and no longer be led astray. Oh, how I love You and wish that more people would be pointing people to follow You, instead of seeking followers for themselves. It is really sad to know that even churches are now teaching people to follow their prophets, namely the Mormon Church. These people cannot even see the deceits they are under. Their eyes are blinded, so they continue to follow their prophets and are led astray. They may think that they are on the path which leads to heaven, but really they are on a path that leads to hell. Surely, we cannot follow men and be saved, but only believe in and follow You, Jesus for salvation. There is no other Name under heaven that we can be saved, but through You, Lord Jesus. I trust in what Your Word says and will never again follow prophets, but only hear them out if they are truly a man of God. I know that You will make this known to me and others. The gift of prophecy is for this day also, but the real purpose of our journey now is to trust in You, Jesus. We follow You and nobody else. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/27/2020)

Oh Lord, I am so grateful to know You. You are so good to me. Thank You for saving a wretch like me. For many years I was so far gone in my own sinful ways. I had no cares in the world about doing Your will, but my will instead. If I was taken care of physically because of sin, I was happy. So my demands were temporarily given to me in the pleasures I felt in sexual sin. I had what I wanted in the moment and that was all that mattered. It didn’t matter that I was defiled because of the things I saw and did. I had joy in the moment and that is what mattered most. I lived like this for years until one day everything came crashing down on me. I was no longer living a secret life but was now exposed for my wrongdoings. Even my wife and kids knew everything and I was very shameful. What I did wracked my soul and I felt like dying inside. Lord, at this time, I was flooded with guilt and shame. No longer was self-gratification good anymore, for it brought unto me so much pain and sorrow in the end. I didn’t want to look at porn or be involved with any other women but needed Your help now. Surely, I did not know that You still cared for a sinner like me, but I hoped and prayed that You would at least give me a chance. And so it was that in my brokenness, I was made humble. I cried out to You in all my tears and You came to my rescue. You heard my confessions and had mercy for my soul. What a great God You are. I did not deserve Your mercy and compassion. I was destined to hell, but You opened the gates of heaven so that I might enter. Thank You, Lord. Now I know that anyone can be saved. A person can be the worst person to have ever lived, and do all the wrong things, but if they would humble ourselves before You, there is mercy still for them. Your mercy endures forever and never fails us when we call upon Your Name. I love You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/26/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will wake up to their sins this day. That people will stop messing around in sin but come to You, God, for full deliverance. There is a time for temporary pleasure in the flesh, but also a time of reckoning before You in judgment. And I do not wish to see more people go to hell because of their life of pornography and fornication, which is sex outside of marriage, but to see more people come to faith and repentance. So deliver such people who are currently under the bondage of sin and death unto new life. Will You also lead them to good people in the faith, who will be able to fellowship with them, and also help them on their journey? I fear that lest this happens that people will go back into their evil tendencies once again. Therefore, also awaken more people in the faith to open up their doors and lives to people who are struggling in sin, but want out. To find such people and help them find rest in Your presence is what is needed. Lord, You are so good to us, and it is about time that we showcase this same kindness and compassion towards others in need. Even these people who were in the bondage of sin, but have repented, as believers, we voluntarily seek to help them. So that they are prayed over and also to our same Bible studies. This is the fellowship they need while being in homes where the Holy Spirit is present. Surely, people can fall, and fall again into the same sinful lifestyle, but until they know how to start living differently, will they slowly go back on the same path of destruction, once again. So instill in these people that already cried out to You in their confessions, desires to read the Bible daily and to pray often. Then, will You be able to fill them up as You have filled me up, and lead them also on the path of righteousness. I love You, Lord. Your ways are pure and holy, and I will cling to You all my days. You are my Savior and I give You praise and glory. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/25/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for Your mercy. I don’t know what I would be doing right now if I was still in my state of brokenness and without any mercy shown. Surely, I would be left in a very difficult place, where depression would have set in by now. For I would have hoped You would forgive a wretched person like me. However, this did not happen and You did extend your mercy and forgiveness anyways. No matter what I had previously done, all those sins were washed away in Your blood. Thank You, Lord. I am in such a better place now. There is so much joy in my life than ever before. I love to walk in Your ways, for it does bring happiness into my life. I am not left in guilt or shame, but only peace. However, the opposite can be said when I decide to not forgive as You have forgiven me. In these moments, I am not the person I should be for You, but the opposite. Instead of showcasing kindness and compassion, I’ve shown anger and disdain towards certain individuals. And for this I am sorry. I can’t believe that I could be so arrogant and haughty over such a small thing when You are so willing to forgive my sins. For this reason, I knew that I was not acting like You would at all. I was self-centered, not selfless. So in my brokenness, once again, I came to you in my remorse. How could I stoop down to such a level of not showing kindness and mercy to those that deserve it? It was then that I realized what I had done and ran to call and see the person I have or they have offended. No matter the differences, I told the people that I love them. That there were no more hard feelings towards them at all. This I know came from You, God. With the Holy Spirit present in me, I was able to break down the walls that were built up and restore the friendships that were lost over time. Thank You God for giving me direction on this matter. I love You. You are my deliverer. Surely, Your mercy endures forever. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/24/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will read the Bible with an open heart. That they will look past everything they have ever learned from their pastors and teachers and even themselves while in Bible study before. That they will allow the Holy Spirit to move inside of them, that they may receive knowledge from on high. These people do not know that what they may have learned things that are false over time, so it is important for them to be continually teachable, especially from You, God. Surely, the day that we stop wanting to learn more is when we will fall into the lies and deceits of evil and naïve men. These false teachers are everywhere, and it is just because people do not read the entire portion of the Bible. Certainly only parts of the Bible are spoken of and covered in many churches and even in people’s own readings. This is sad since everything that is spoken in scripture is still useful for our learning today. Lord, I love the fact that we can now search the Bible and find exactly what we are looking for right away in Your Word. Technology is very helpful in this way. It is very useful indeed, especially when harder verses appear and we need some clarification on them. It is awesome that later verses and chapters do declare the meaning of what we just read. Even the verses and chapters before what is ready help us to understand the context. Lord, I just wish that people would desire to take into account the whole portion of the Bible as a learning tool for today. I have done this and my mind has been invigorated because of all the mysteries You have unfolded upon me. I am a new man just because You have given me wisdom. Thank You God. I love what is written in scripture. It is what leads me and guides me in this darkened world. And if anyone needs guidance I do. I don’t need people swaying me to believe a certain way, but You leading me in what is right and what is wrong according to Your Word. Thank You for directing my path. Continue to lead me all my days and away from temptation. I love You Lord. Amen.

Sinner’s Prayer (05/23/2020)

God, I am sorry. I have done wrong things and openly confess them to You now. Please forgive me. Have mercy for my soul. I accept You as Lord of my life. Lead me from hear on out. Help me to live the life that You have prepared for me. I give You my life and my soul for You to do a work in me now. I am ready and willing to allow You to change my life, that I may be conformed to Your ways. Lead me from temptation all my days. Cleanse me of all my sins. I will seek You now from here on out. Only through Your Name, Jesus, can I be saved. You are my Savior and I trust in You. From now and till the end of time will I seek You. I give You glory and praise. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/23/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will at least have an open mind to things of God. So many people have already so much from their pastors, they are not willing to have an open mind to other things. Instead, they are caught up in what people have told them, instead of searching the scriptures to see if what they have said is true or not. This goes into the fact of if we should be reading anything else but what is in our current canon of scripture that we have today. Lord, many people have struggled when it comes to doing this since people have led them to know that anything outside the Bible is not inspired. How interesting this is, God, that people can say such derogatory and mean things about the book that they have never read before. How people can put down a book without actually opening up its covers. This is like people prejudging the Bible before they read it as well. Lord this type of understanding is man-made and I pray that these people that are locked into their current ways will repent. All I know is that if Jude and Peter quoted and referenced from another book, called “The Book of Enoch”, then I ought to research it myself. People may not agree with this, but I am hungry to know what drove these two disciples of Yours, Jesus, to reference this book for myself. I also desire for Your mysteries to fall down upon me also. I am not and will never close-minded when it comes to learning. I pray that You will unfold wisdom, knowledge, and counsel to me every day as I seek You. You are my God and I worship You. I love You more than life itself, Jesus. I give You glory and praise, this day and forever. Every book that You inspire I want to know and learn of. Thank You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/22/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will have an open heart and mind to things in the Bible and what it really says. That people will see past what their pastors have taught them in regards to the book of Enoch, but see what Jude and Peter said about it first. Lord, I know that this book would not be quoted from or referenced in the bible if it was not important for our day. Evil and wicked men may have removed this book during the canon process of the bible, but this is not stopping those people that see the worth of this book and still read it. Thank You, Lord, for also presersing this book of scripture till this day along with the Bible. I am amazed that we can still read it and not have to worry about any corruption to it. I am grateful to have in my hands the King James Bible, of which is not corrupted by men as well. It is when people start tampering with Your words is when we start to get these other translations like the ESV, NASB, NKJV, and others. They have crept into the world and have slowly taken out important verses and words from the Bible and added their own instead. This is so evil, but only a few people can see this, which is so sad. I am grateful that You have given me an open mind. If not, then I would also be defending my stance upon not using any other books but those in the canonized Bible. However, if You allowed Your own disciples to quote and use the book of Enoch, then praise the Lord. The Bible was not canonized then, and therefore, did not have grounds for removal yet of this important book, which Peter and Jude used. For this reason, I agree that Your words are pure and by taking out precious and important parts of it was not right. I am grateful for what I have now in the Bible, but also happy that you kept intact the Book of Enoch as well. I love You, Lord. Your Words are true. I just pray that people will see this as well. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/21/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people’s eyes and ears will be opened to what the Bible says as they read. That they will not stop reading after certain chapters but read all of Your Word. This way they can get the context of what is being said. So many mysteries are given to us just by continuing to read certain books and chapters all throughout the Bible. I love it when I’ve read verses earlier on in Your Word and then see other parts of it give it more clarity and insight. These are the times that make it worth every minute of reading in different books before, just to see the answer I was waiting for to be addressed in another book and chapter later on. This is so awesome God. Therefore, it is so important that people continue reading the Bible. Then will they come to know the truth which comes from You, God, and not false teachings that come from men. Even if people do start preaching a false gospel or teachings of men, then we will know that these people are false teachers, preachers, and even pastors, because of what they are saying. I love it when You speak the truth as I read. This really helps me to know what is being taught in church is true, so that I am not just being fed a pack of lies. I would never want to be led to and fro with every wind of doctrine and not know that I am being led astray. This would be absolutely terrible, for I would lose out in knowing You and having Your Word as my guide. Lord, I know that every teaching from Your word is true. I just hope and pray that people can know the context of what is being said so that fewer people will take it out of context. Surely, Your words are true and faithful. They are pure in every way. I delight in just the fact of being able to read what has been written. I love You Lord. The Bible is true and will declare what You have said through prophets and teachers to all the world that will listen. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/20/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will make a choice today to follow You. To not allow sin to wreck their lives any longer, but to begin to hate sin and run to You instead. I know that pornography, adultery, and fornication almost destroyed my life. I was dead in my sins until the day that You rescued me. This is when I didn’t even want the appearance of sin in my life anymore. I hated how it made me feel inside, which was filthy and very shameful. I knew that these feelings came from You, helping me know what was wrong with my life. So I called upon Your Name and You found me in all my brokenness. I was wrecked because of the stains of this world, but you saw me and had compassion. I needed You and You came and lifted me up on Your shoulders. I wanted out of the life I was in, and You took me away into Your presence and made me the person I am today. There was a lot of changing that had to happen, but the more I read the Bible and prayed, this all came to me naturally. I didn’t even have to think twice about giving up certain things anymore, for it was better to serve You then the world. You have cleansed me of all my sins through the blood that You have shed for us on the cross, so I am set free. I would never want You to leave me now. I am so much happier to have You as my protector at all times and in all places. My goal is to not find joy in the things of this world but to find the joy that lasts in Your kingdom. Where You are, there I will be also. My end goal is to be with You forever. In the new heaven and earth is where I hope to dwell. Lead me in Your ways, and I know that I will safely return to You, being found worthy come death. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/19/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will always be aware that You are still for us when times are hard. Even in our darkest moments, You are able to step in and usher into our lives peace. Your comfort is one step away when we simply call upon Your Name. Yes, God, You know everything we are going through in life and ready to respond in a big way we need You. I say need You because many people have forgotten Your goodness and grace. Instead, they live their own lives and rely on other people to sustain their needs. And then when people stop showing up for them, even in their desperate moments, it is very hard for them to continue living. This is when people need to know that You are there for them. We need good Christian people to pray for these people also and to lead them to also pray for their own strength and courage. For we cannot always be there for people in their beckon needs, but You can. Even in every moment, every minute, and every second of our day, You are there for us. Surely, there is no stopping what You are able to do for us in our time of need. Lord, I know that when I am sick and tired because of an illness, You are the one that gives me the strength to continue on in life. Even a fire is lit in my soul and I am able to be a light for You in this darkened world. I know that I would not have been able to do the things I’ve accomplished if You were not carrying me in these moments. There have also been days that I have felt the fear of death, but You have given me hope in these moments also. I was down, but You resurrected my soul with gladness. I may not be able to control what happens in my life, but I do know that You are there for me in any difficult circumstance I face. These trials have no match to the love that You shine down upon me in these moments. I love You, Lord. You are so good to me. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/18/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to experience Your great love like never before. I know that this can happen when they start seeking You first in their lives, instead of other things that only get in their way. Then will the Holy Spirit come down upon these people like a fire. It is my prayer that people will begin to limit their time using their TV, smartphones, and other devices. If people simply learned to do these things, then there would be an ample amount of time for them to pray, read the Bible, and love on people like You commanded us to do. No longer would people have less time in their day for things that You desire, but be ready and willing to do and go where you want us. We will be in the right place at the right time, in order to bless the lives of others. This is the time that we will learn to take the focus off of ourselves and onto others instead. Lord, once I started doing this, there was no turning back. I learned to love while being in the midst of the people in need. There I learned what humility and generosity really meant. I learned what it means to help one another when they cannot help themselves. Even those people that are in distress, it lifted my spirits just praying for them. Now, I love feeding the homeless, praying for people, and preaching the gospel on the streets. This is where joy is found. Joy is only masqueraded in the things of the world as real, but it is only wickedness in Your sight. We cannot find true joy that never fails unless we are in Your service, oh God. This is why I would rather trust in You than anyone else. How could I ever create a god for myself in the form of TV, smartphones, tablets, and computers, when You provide everything I need in life. I love You, Lord. You are my greatest joy of all. I give You praise and great glory. You are the one true God of the heavens. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/17/2020)

Oh lord, I pray that people will see the miracles in the Bible and wonder if this can still happen today. This fascination in itself is good for the soul, for it leaves people to pray to You, in order for things like they have read to happen today. If we had not had the great examples of faith in the Bible, while these men of faith performed miracles by Your mighty hand, we may not be so brave to do the same today. Even doubt and fear would enter our hearts, as men and women, instead of boldness. This was my life for a couple of years until I started to go out on the streets with people who not only believed in Your healing power, but have seen it take place first hand in theirs’s and other people’s lives. I am grateful for You putting these men in my life, for their faith has led me to also believe the same and also perform Your miracles as I pray now. What I have learned is that You are simply waiting for people to step up to the plate and be used by You. Then, many miracles will flow out of them by Your hand. Surely, we are only Your vessel in bringing not only Your truth to people, but also to showcase Your power. Even my faith has been increased exponentially just because You did a miraculous work that nobody else can explain, through the healing that You performed through me. I just wish that more people would also trust in You, then they would also have these amazing encounters in their lives. What it takes are people that are selfless, and who care for the needs of others. All the selfishness and self-seeking desires need to be destroyed, in order for You to bless others through them. Even our love for our neighbor and our enemies needs to be alive and active in us, for You to showcase this type of love, peace, and hope into another person’s life. I love You, Lord. You are mighty in every form of the Word. I honor You and give You great glory this day and forever. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/16/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will not be responsible for causing their family generations to dwell in unbelief and wickedness in the sight of God. That people will begin to call out to You in repentance, and no longer walk in willful sin. Surely, this type of wicked lifestyle causes others to stumble, since they do not have any guidance on what is wrong any longer. So we have families that are rising up and coming after their same upbringing, which are evil. As the later people did wicked in Your sight, oh God, they do also. And so we have people nowadays, Lord, who are for abortion, homosexuality and same-sex marriage. These same people are more into themselves, then following You and keeping Your commandments. As the kings of old failed because of their vanities, people now are so into their smartphones, gaming consoles, TVs, and other electronic devices. People get so into these things that it begins to be the topic of discussion, where You are not even existent any longer. God, this is so wicked and needs to be stopped, in Your might Name, Jesus. What is sad is that people that attend church are generally people that do these things as well. It seems that when they leave the church doors that they are back to the same things as they were doing before. Lord, I do not wish that these people go to hell when they die, but that they will repent of their wicked deeds before it is too late. That they will no longer go behind your back in secret while looking at and enjoying pornography, playing violent video games, and filling their minds with junk. These people ought to be seeking You first in their lives and they are not. So I pray that people will cry out to You in their confessions and give their lives to You fully, this day. There is salvation still to those that call upon Your Name in the sincerity of heart of being saved. I love You, Lord. You are the only way to eternal life and I will cling to You all my days. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/15/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will be a light unto the world. That they will shine Your light wherever they go. I love Your ways and pray that the light that You have put in my soul will never go dim. I love to tell people about You, Jesus, while helping them understand that You came into this word in order to save us from our sins. May my children see the light in me that comes from You, and also believe. May these seeds of faith germinate in them, that they will also follow You, God. Since I do not know my days ahead and when I will die, I live each day for You. You are my greatest joy and the love of my life. It is my prayer that my children will also learn to love You as I do. I would be devastated to learn that they drifted off Your path of righteousness because of some bad example in my life. So come in and destroy anything that in me that goes against Your will. I do not want to do anything that causes the Holy Spirit to be grieved. Your ways are holy and I pray that I will live in Your holiness all my days . I know that I can only do this if You are with me, but not if I am doing it all by myself. I do not wish to stumble throughout this life, but to be strengthened daily in Your presence. Yes, Lord, build me up as I seek You daily in prayer, Bible study, worship, keeping Your commandments, and doing whatever You call me to do. I am here for You. I am ready now to go forth and lift You up high. You are my high tower and nothing will ever come again before You again. I love You, my Lord and King. I lift You up in praise and honor, this day and forever. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/14/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will know Your ways and also teach their children to follow Your teachings also. That people will no longer live under their own man-made ideas and bad habits, but desire to be cleansed from all their sins. Convict these people that are living in sin and are also not being a good example to their spouse and children, to repent. They don’t realize that they are provoking You to anger because of their wicked lifestyle. However, it will be very apparent to every person that is currently leading their children and others to the opposite side of doing Your will that hell is real. That this place was prepared for the devil and his angels but is now for every unbeliever, and those that practice wickedness, while in their sins. Lord, it is hard to believe that we have so many wolves in sheep’s clothing at church, where if I was to walk into one of their homes, that I would not be filled with the Holy Spirit, but demonic forces instead. So many people have not made their homes a house of prayer and worship to You, oh Lord, but for the things of the flesh and their idols instead. They have not flushed out of their lives and houses the things that will lead them apart from You, but have brought in more of these same things over time. And so we have children that are now hooked on drugs, alcohol, and pornography, because of the bad influences of their parents. We also have children that rise up thinking that abortion and homosexuality are ok since it was never spoken against in their homes. We also have children grown up that are hooked on violent video games, TV, and movies, which take so much time away from You. So I pray that these people will repent and that children will also see the change in their parent’s eyes. Then will they also rethink what they are doing. I know that change is difficult for some people but so worth it in the end. I love You, Lord. I give You praise and glory, this day and forever. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/13/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray the people will listen up to what You have spoken in scripture. Some prophecies in the Bible have not have happened yet, but could very well happen in ours. All I know, Lord, is that Your words are sharper than a two-edged sword. My heart is always convicted of truth when I read Your words. I no longer wish to live a backslidden life but to go all-in for Your kingdom. Even my strength is gained because You fill me up with the fire from heaven. It is Your presence that changes us from within and drives us to live a life that is pleasing in Your sight. Even every idol that we have kept captive in our own lives, You convict us of such things, that we may not only throw them out but burn them up also. Surely, we cannot go around living our own lives, which are fifthly in Your sight, and still believe we are going to heaven. Just as people needed to do in the times of the bible, people need to continue to do now, which is to repent of their wicked ways and follow You, Lord. Otherwise, we will be cast off forever in the lake of fire, come judgment day. So God, please convict every person that says they are a Christian, to live as a Christian also. If they say they are something, then may they also live out their faith. I care for these people. I really do, but so many of them are hard-hearted and do not wish to hear the truth of God. They are content with their current lifestyle and justify it daily. Because they are blinded, they cannot see the amount of sin and idolatry that is in their lives now. How far people have strayed in these dark times we live in. Only a few people who really love You and walk in Your ways will be saved. Thank you for saving a wretch like me and pointing me on Your righteous path. I love You, Lord. I worship You, Jesus. Amen.


Today’s Prayer (05/12/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that families will not only stay together but that they will continue in the faith until the end. Many dark and evil things begin to take shape in people’s lives when a parent decides to go against God and instead live their own life. What this person doesn’t realize is that they have also left their example of faith in You behind. And therefore, they have not only caused a rift in their own relationship but in their family’s relationship with You as well. So their children no longer have a shining example of what true faith is like anymore, but the opposite. This is very sad, God. So many broken families come from parents that left You and are now living in sin. People don’t even realize the damage they left upon their children and their children’s children, because of their bad choices until later. So, Lord, I pray that with families like this, that the children will still come to know You, as Lord of their lives. That they will meet good Christians, evangelists, and preachers, that will teach them in Your ways. I pray that these beautiful kids that are now left behind in the unbelief of their parents will still have a chance to know You personally as the Savior of the world. And for parents that are contemplating leaving You behind now, may people of faith talk some sense into them. That the Holy Spirit will convict them of their sins. Then, will they see what they are about to do to their children’s lives, even for generations to come. We don’t need more generational problems that come from one parent’s unbelief, just because one man or woman has left You behind. This is so wrong. So I pray that this will stop in Your mighty Name, Jesus. I pray for a full restoration in these broken families. That people will be fully restored to the faith and decide, once and for all, that they will live their lives for You. Even until the end of their days, that they will serve their King. You are the King of glory and I love You, God. I give You glory and praise this day and forever. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/11/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people in the faith will stay on course. That they do not go astray because of the love of fame, fortune, women, drugs, and the pleasures of this world. Surely, there are so many things now in this world that can easily take a person of faith and point them on the path of destruction. This is what frightens me. Nowadays, it is hard to distinguish who is for you or against you while people are at church, but after they leave those walls, their colors do shine forth. Because people then treat you and act much differently, we can see them for who they really are. And what is sad, God, is that these same people who will listen to a sermon in church will not listen to a preacher or evangelist on the streets. That what we have to say is not meaningful, and some of them even ridicule people like me and others who go out and preach the gospel to the lost. Lord, if people were really for Your kingdom, then they would not be scoffing or thinking bad thoughts as they walk past us, but be motivated to also go on the streets and talk to people. They would also want to shine their light for You and no longer allow it to go dormant. So many people in this world could be used by You if they would just let You move in their lives. They would also see that a life of sexual sin is not worth giving up our salvation for, once they are serving You. That it is not worth looking at pornography, having sex before marriage, committing adultery, and becoming a homosexual. These things will destroy people if they do not come to You in full repentance. Surely, people can sway us to do many things that are abominable and very wicked in Your sight. I know this to be true, for I was once wrapped up in a life of sexual sin. Thank God that I cried out to You when I did in prayer, for Your mercy was for me at that moment and now. I had no power to overcome my sins, but You gave me the strength to do so. I love You, Lord. Your mercy does endure forever. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/10/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will turn from their sins and follow You. That they will get over themselves and begin to love You and others instead. That instead of them wanting to take selfies, that they would want to help others take pictures of their family. There is a time and a place to take a good picture of a beautiful place we have to and want to capture that memory, but I wish people would want to pull in their whole family or friends and get them in the same shot. This would be wonderful, Lord, if people could begin to think outside themselves and for other people’s needs instead. It would be so wonderful if people could be as energetic as they are when they receive gifts for themselves, as they would when they offer gifts to people in need. What we need are people that have shifted their attention off of themselves and onto the welfare of others. This is what You meant by loving our neighbor as ourselves. I just wish that people in the church would understand this fact and make it a point to live this way day in and day out. We can act one way at church, but we should be the same way when we leave those doors. You are so good to us God, but only a few understand this. People will not appreciate You the way they should until they leave what they do for themselves and begin to live for You instead. For how can we really love You with all our heart, mind, and strength, if we can’t even take a minute of our day a place of worship, reading the Bible, and praying? And how can we love our neighbor, if most of our time is fulfilling the lusts of our own flesh? There must be a change of heart to do Your will, and then people will begin to change. I love You, Lord. You are the rock of my salvation. I want more of You and less of me. I love it when I can serve You and others than to have anything for myself. I love You so much God and I wish others would as well. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/09/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that I might continue to be a light unto the world. That people will see the wisdom that You have instilled in me and desire to hear the good news of the gospel. I know that at times I have gone overboard in my way of evangelism on the streets and my style of writing and I am sorry. I know that people will never be converted and know that You are God unless I begin to speak and write with Your words flowing out of my mouth and as I type. Even my actions should be Your actions and not my own. So please instill in me a better way to reach people for the kingdom. Help me know exactly who is ready to hear the gospel and who is not as well. I know that there will be times when I am just asked to preach open air. So I pray that in these moments that at least one person will hear the gospel message of the cross and resurrection and then come to know You as their personal Savior. There is so much I wish to tell the world about the salvation that comes only from You, Jesus. You are the rock upon which I stand, even a firm foundation. Death and hell cannot take me down any longer, for You are my King and my Shepherd. I’ve heard Your voice and am ready to do Your will above anything else. Call my name and I will respond. Use me for Your hands and feet, for I am excited to help You win souls for Your kingdom. You are the way to eternal life, Lord, and I wish that more people would also come to know this. Then, they would also desire to live their lives fully for You and no longer for their own flesh. That they would repent of their sins and be converted. May Your blood cover these lost souls, that they may be forgiven. Even the people that have drifted off from the righteous path, draw them back in. Heal them through Your blood, which was shed for the sins of the world. I love You, Jesus. I glorify Your Name. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/08/2020)

Oh Lord, I am grateful to know You and to be Your child. Praise be to Your Name, oh Lord God of the heavens. Hallowed be your Name, dear Father. I worship You and You alone. I know that there are many distractions in life like TV, movies, sports, video games, phones, and other things, but they have no power over me, for You are my God and nothing else will come close. Surely, nothing else compares to You. I have been down the path of serving the lies of this world and have not found anything good in it. Every TV show and movie that I watched only took me away from serving You, reading the Bible, and praying. I always wondered where all my time went, when reality I gave it to these things instead of You. They were my gods and I didn’t even realize it until it was almost too late. Even the video games I played always made me feel like looking at porn afterward, which was awful. There was always such a dark cloud that was over me in these times, and now I know why. I was because You were not with me. Because I serving the lusts of my flesh, I could not have You also. So other gods in my life had to go. Even the amount of time I watch the NBA has been diminished. I no longer follow people, but You alone. Why would I want to follow anyone, when You have the answers that I have needed the entire time. You have always been there, but I was so stubborn in my own personal idolatry. What a mess I was in, and I am so grateful that You pulled me out of this. Now, I have no desire to watch anything on TV that doesn’t bring me to follow You. Everything that I can see on it is not useful and a big time waster. This is Satan’s big ploy to turn people away from You. So I cry out now for everyone that is on this dark path to wake up. Come to Jesus, who saves. You are Lord and have the power to save them from their sins, as You have saved me. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/07/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will not fear the Coronavirus or other trials in life, but begin to fear You instead. So many people are watching the news and doing everything they can, in order to follow the strict guidelines that are being told to the public at large, where You have become distant to most of them. It is like people would rather get details from people, of what they should be doing in these times of disease, instead of seeking Your hand in prayer. This life is short and people could die from this disease or really from anything else. So my question is, God. Are people just saying they believe in You, but really their hearts are far from you? Do they trust in the world more than they do in You? How can this be if they would go so far as to call themselves a Christian? This is really breaking my heart, for if people did love You they would seek Your hand in what You said in the scriptures and in prayer. And as You have directed us to do in the Bible, people would begin to pray like they never have before. They would see the plagues in their own lives and repent before it is too late. Lord, it is better to prepare our lives for heaven, then to find any favor in this world. I would rather live and die as a faithful follower of You, Jesus, then to die having done all I could to escape death with vaccines, wearing masks, and filling up on prescription drugs. Lord, You are my healer and my strength comes from You alone. I know that there is a time and place for doctors and even prescription drugs, but You will help me know when to go forward with such things. I know that You are there and will continue to lead me and others on Your righteous path. We just need to endure in our faith.  I love to walk in Your ways, for I love You with all my heart, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/06/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people’s hearts will be turned to You and not the teachings of men. Surely, false doctrines can seem so good on the outside, but when inspected by a devout Christian, is is very corrupt instead. Anything that distorts God’s Word is deceiving others and leading them away from You. Even the Mormon Church has taken what You have said was important for the Your House and desecrated it. They have taken a holy practice and made it an evil practice out of it. Even the practice of “Baptisms For The Dead” has been taken out of context, which was meant for the “Moten Sea” in scripture. Instead of it being where priests bathed, it became something entirely different now. And so we have Mormon Temples popping up all around the world, where the focus is to baptize people in proxy for those that have died. Lord, do they not know that after this life comes the judgment? These second chances that Mormons are trying to make for themselves and others are never going to happen. Our time is now to know You, Jesus. We cannot rely on anything else after we die. Nowhere in the Bible does it teach this, and I worry that because of this abominable teaching, millions of Mormons are now on the road to hell. This really saddens me, God, to know that my dad, my grandma, and others have died in this cult. And because they didn’t want to hear the truth of God, their path is destruction and the lake of fire. Lord, I wish this wasn’t the case and I know that You are a righteous judge, but I also know that You are just in all your dealings. I hope to warn my Mormon family members of the wrath to come, but they will not hear me. Oh, how this brakes my heart. I wish to see all my family members be with me in heaven, while we abound in Your presence forever, but it is up to them to leave what is false behind. Surely, it is better to leave what is false and cleave to what is right in Your sight. May they come to know You, Jesus, personally. Even in all their humility, I pray that some will come around to hearing the truth before their dying breath. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/05/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will start to remember You in their everyday life. That they will not just remember You while they are at church, but during the week also. Then, will they desire to do what is right and not what the flesh desires instead. Lord, if people would simply put You first in their lives, then there would be ample time for reading and studying the Bible each day. Prayer would become oh so important, while serving You would be who they are. Things like watching TV and movies, playing video games, messing around on our computer, phones or tablets, would be put aside for You. I know that this sounds like a huge change of pace for most people, but in reality, what people are putting ahead of You are their idols. People may put up a really good front during church service, but if our everyday lives do not showcase a renewed life, then we are not born again. Instead, we have learned to become superficial around certain people, which is not good at all. God, if people desire to be saved, then they must remember to keep Your commandments. Which is to love You with all their heart, mind, and strength and our neighbor as ourselves. This is not a once a week thing only, but a lifestyle change for Christ. Lord, how I love You. You are the apple of my eye and I am anxious for my bride to return. If there is anything that I am doing that is wrong, please correct me now. All I desire to live my whole life to follow You. I am nothing without Your presence, but I am able to achieve much when You are with me. And to everything that I am able to accomplish, I give You the glory. I love You, Lord. To live each day for You is what I long to do when I wake from sleep. There is more joy in serving You then not. This I pray, in Your mighty Name, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/04/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to come forth and desire to be used in Your kingdom. What is needed are workers who are humble and thirsty for whatever You have to throw at them. People that want to be used by You and don’t feel burdensome by it. This is the elect of God, whom You are able to do great things in Your kingdom. For people that in Your church, they do not sit idly by, while watching TV and playing video games, but keep themselves busy seeking You in prayer, reading the Bible, serving in the church, and witnessing on the streets and other places. Surely, Lord, You have given us a new heart, that has new desires along with it. We would never wish to waste our time on our phone, tablet, computer, or TV, but hope that You can use what we have for the building up of Your kingdom. And if things in our lives are not helping these efforts, we ask that You cast them out of our lives. Help us to always be aware of things that You love and that You hate also. For how can I say that I am on Your side if I am always seeking and going after the wrong things? This is not what it means to be born again, for if we were, we would despise what is evil and love what is good. We would continually go after things that You have called us to, and not what the world says is best for us. It isn’t superficial joy that makes us happy, but the joy that comes from heaven, which lifts our souls up with an abundance of great joy. So Lord, convict people of their sins, that they may stop sinning willfully, but begin to live for You instead. There is nothing hidden that You cannot see, which includes pornography and other sexual sins. These things must be eradicated and removed out of people’s hearts and minds, or else Your Spirit will never move in such people. So I pray that people will repent and be set free from their bondage. Set people free from their slavery to sin and renew them in the Holy Spirit. This I pray, Lord. In Your mighty Name, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/03/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people of all the world, who call themselves Christian, will desire the best gifts that come only from heaven. Things that we can build up spiritually and take with us when we die. These are the gifts I desire above all else. As for my time now, it is to serve You, my gracious God and Father of all creation. Whatever spiritual gifts that I have not already gained from Your hand, I am now ready to gain even more when You are ready. Lord, I am ready to take the next steps for Your kingdom and no longer sit idly by while others do Your work. I know that I have a purpose in Your kingdom, and I am grateful that You have already used me up until this point in my life. Now, I know that my time is short and I do not know the time or day that I will pass on from death and into life eternal. So I will prepare all my days to obey Your commandments and to teach people the wisdom that You have given me. You’ve opened my eyes to the Bible and every verse is like honey to my taste. I cannot meditate on Your words long enough, for there is so much wisdom and knowledge to gain. Oh, how I love Your ways, for they are pure and true in every way. It is my greatest desire to see people know You like I have come to know You. May more people reach out their hand to You in prayer, that You may lead them also home, as You have for me. Because You are near me, I am already home in Your presence. Where I will go after this life is to be with You for eternity. What a wonderful present this is. I cherish my time now to be in prayer, studying the Bible, and showcasing Your love towards others. This is in preparation to be with You in heaven. Now, if I can help lead more people to be with You also, praise the Lord. This is why I live my life. It is to be Your servant and to share the good news of the gospel. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (05/02/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will give me words to speak this day and forever. Help me to always know Your will, that I may never lean unto my own understanding. I need Your understanding in my life, that I may be able to always distinguish between what is good and evil. I do not wish to have the lines to be blurred in any way, because of sin in my life. So if there is anything inside of me or in my house now that doesn’t glorify You, but brings in darkness instead, bring it to my attention immediately. I do not wish to grieve the Holy Spirit, but to always have the comforter with me at all times. Nothing I am doing or possess now is more important than abiding in You and doing Your will. I am ready to give up anything for Your cause, for You are my Savior and Lord of all. I will remove out of my life and destroy whatever does not honor You, and I pray that others will make this choice today as well. Lord, nothing I can gain in this world is worth more than having Your presence with me. I would never want to replace Your love with superficial love that comes with meddling in sexual sin and porn. These things are grievous in Your sight and only lead to temporary pleasure, plus guilt and shame afterward. Therefore, lead me far from the hands of the evil one and draw me into Your fold at all times. You are the rock upon which I stand. Nothing is greater. So Lord, as I go out into the world and teach and preach the gospel, give me understanding. Help me to see the evils of this world, and also have the courage to speak out against it. May Your words be what comes forth out of my mouth. Fill me with the Holy Spirit at all times, that I may continue to be a valiant servant for Your kingdom. I love You, Lord. You have blessed me beyond measure, and I am so grateful. Amen.