Today’s Prayer (05/12/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that families will not only stay together but that they will continue in the faith until the end. Many dark and evil things begin to take shape in people’s lives when a parent decides to go against God and instead live their own life. What this person doesn’t realize is that they have also left their example of faith in You behind. And therefore, they have not only caused a rift in their own relationship but in their family’s relationship with You as well. So their children no longer have a shining example of what true faith is like anymore, but the opposite. This is very sad, God. So many broken families come from parents that left You and are now living in sin. People don’t even realize the damage they left upon their children and their children’s children, because of their bad choices until later. So, Lord, I pray that with families like this, that the children will still come to know You, as Lord of their lives. That they will meet good Christians, evangelists, and preachers, that will teach them in Your ways. I pray that these beautiful kids that are now left behind in the unbelief of their parents will still have a chance to know You personally as the Savior of the world. And for parents that are contemplating leaving You behind now, may people of faith talk some sense into them. That the Holy Spirit will convict them of their sins. Then, will they see what they are about to do to their children’s lives, even for generations to come. We don’t need more generational problems that come from one parent’s unbelief, just because one man or woman has left You behind. This is so wrong. So I pray that this will stop in Your mighty Name, Jesus. I pray for a full restoration in these broken families. That people will be fully restored to the faith and decide, once and for all, that they will live their lives for You. Even until the end of their days, that they will serve their King. You are the King of glory and I love You, God. I give You glory and praise this day and forever. Amen.
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