Today’s Prayer (05/21/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people’s eyes and ears will be opened to what the Bible says as they read. That they will not stop reading after certain chapters but read all of Your Word. This way they can get the context of what is being said. So many mysteries are given to us just by continuing to read certain books and chapters all throughout the Bible. I love it when I’ve read verses earlier on in Your Word and then see other parts of it give it more clarity and insight. These are the times that make it worth every minute of reading in different books before, just to see the answer I was waiting for to be addressed in another book and chapter later on. This is so awesome God. Therefore, it is so important that people continue reading the Bible. Then will they come to know the truth which comes from You, God, and not false teachings that come from men. Even if people do start preaching a false gospel or teachings of men, then we will know that these people are false teachers, preachers, and even pastors, because of what they are saying. I love it when You speak the truth as I read. This really helps me to know what is being taught in church is true, so that I am not just being fed a pack of lies. I would never want to be led to and fro with every wind of doctrine and not know that I am being led astray. This would be absolutely terrible, for I would lose out in knowing You and having Your Word as my guide. Lord, I know that every teaching from Your word is true. I just hope and pray that people can know the context of what is being said so that fewer people will take it out of context. Surely, Your words are true and faithful. They are pure in every way. I delight in just the fact of being able to read what has been written. I love You Lord. The Bible is true and will declare what You have said through prophets and teachers to all the world that will listen. I love You. Amen.

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