Today’s Prayer (05/22/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will have an open heart and mind to things in the Bible and what it really says. That people will see past what their pastors have taught them in regards to the book of Enoch, but see what Jude and Peter said about it first. Lord, I know that this book would not be quoted from or referenced in the bible if it was not important for our day. Evil and wicked men may have removed this book during the canon process of the bible, but this is not stopping those people that see the worth of this book and still read it. Thank You, Lord, for also presersing this book of scripture till this day along with the Bible. I am amazed that we can still read it and not have to worry about any corruption to it. I am grateful to have in my hands the King James Bible, of which is not corrupted by men as well. It is when people start tampering with Your words is when we start to get these other translations like the ESV, NASB, NKJV, and others. They have crept into the world and have slowly taken out important verses and words from the Bible and added their own instead. This is so evil, but only a few people can see this, which is so sad. I am grateful that You have given me an open mind. If not, then I would also be defending my stance upon not using any other books but those in the canonized Bible. However, if You allowed Your own disciples to quote and use the book of Enoch, then praise the Lord. The Bible was not canonized then, and therefore, did not have grounds for removal yet of this important book, which Peter and Jude used. For this reason, I agree that Your words are pure and by taking out precious and important parts of it was not right. I am grateful for what I have now in the Bible, but also happy that you kept intact the Book of Enoch as well. I love You, Lord. Your Words are true. I just pray that people will see this as well. Amen.

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