Today’s Prayer (05/06/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people’s hearts will be turned to You and not the teachings of men. Surely, false doctrines can seem so good on the outside, but when inspected by a devout Christian, is is very corrupt instead. Anything that distorts God’s Word is deceiving others and leading them away from You. Even the Mormon Church has taken what You have said was important for the Your House and desecrated it. They have taken a holy practice and made it an evil practice out of it. Even the practice of “Baptisms For The Dead” has been taken out of context, which was meant for the “Moten Sea” in scripture. Instead of it being where priests bathed, it became something entirely different now. And so we have Mormon Temples popping up all around the world, where the focus is to baptize people in proxy for those that have died. Lord, do they not know that after this life comes the judgment? These second chances that Mormons are trying to make for themselves and others are never going to happen. Our time is now to know You, Jesus. We cannot rely on anything else after we die. Nowhere in the Bible does it teach this, and I worry that because of this abominable teaching, millions of Mormons are now on the road to hell. This really saddens me, God, to know that my dad, my grandma, and others have died in this cult. And because they didn’t want to hear the truth of God, their path is destruction and the lake of fire. Lord, I wish this wasn’t the case and I know that You are a righteous judge, but I also know that You are just in all your dealings. I hope to warn my Mormon family members of the wrath to come, but they will not hear me. Oh, how this brakes my heart. I wish to see all my family members be with me in heaven, while we abound in Your presence forever, but it is up to them to leave what is false behind. Surely, it is better to leave what is false and cleave to what is right in Your sight. May they come to know You, Jesus, personally. Even in all their humility, I pray that some will come around to hearing the truth before their dying breath. I love You. Amen.
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