Today’s Prayer (05/15/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will be a light unto the world. That they will shine Your light wherever they go. I love Your ways and pray that the light that You have put in my soul will never go dim. I love to tell people about You, Jesus, while helping them understand that You came into this word in order to save us from our sins. May my children see the light in me that comes from You, and also believe. May these seeds of faith germinate in them, that they will also follow You, God. Since I do not know my days ahead and when I will die, I live each day for You. You are my greatest joy and the love of my life. It is my prayer that my children will also learn to love You as I do. I would be devastated to learn that they drifted off Your path of righteousness because of some bad example in my life. So come in and destroy anything that in me that goes against Your will. I do not want to do anything that causes the Holy Spirit to be grieved. Your ways are holy and I pray that I will live in Your holiness all my days . I know that I can only do this if You are with me, but not if I am doing it all by myself. I do not wish to stumble throughout this life, but to be strengthened daily in Your presence. Yes, Lord, build me up as I seek You daily in prayer, Bible study, worship, keeping Your commandments, and doing whatever You call me to do. I am here for You. I am ready now to go forth and lift You up high. You are my high tower and nothing will ever come again before You again. I love You, my Lord and King. I lift You up in praise and honor, this day and forever. Amen.
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