Today’s Prayer (05/20/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will make a choice today to follow You. To not allow sin to wreck their lives any longer, but to begin to hate sin and run to You instead. I know that pornography, adultery, and fornication almost destroyed my life. I was dead in my sins until the day that You rescued me. This is when I didn’t even want the appearance of sin in my life anymore. I hated how it made me feel inside, which was filthy and very shameful. I knew that these feelings came from You, helping me know what was wrong with my life. So I called upon Your Name and You found me in all my brokenness. I was wrecked because of the stains of this world, but you saw me and had compassion. I needed You and You came and lifted me up on Your shoulders. I wanted out of the life I was in, and You took me away into Your presence and made me the person I am today. There was a lot of changing that had to happen, but the more I read the Bible and prayed, this all came to me naturally. I didn’t even have to think twice about giving up certain things anymore, for it was better to serve You then the world. You have cleansed me of all my sins through the blood that You have shed for us on the cross, so I am set free. I would never want You to leave me now. I am so much happier to have You as my protector at all times and in all places. My goal is to not find joy in the things of this world but to find the joy that lasts in Your kingdom. Where You are, there I will be also. My end goal is to be with You forever. In the new heaven and earth is where I hope to dwell. Lead me in Your ways, and I know that I will safely return to You, being found worthy come death. I love You. Amen.

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