Today’s Prayer (05/24/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will read the Bible with an open heart. That they will look past everything they have ever learned from their pastors and teachers and even themselves while in Bible study before. That they will allow the Holy Spirit to move inside of them, that they may receive knowledge from on high. These people do not know that what they may have learned things that are false over time, so it is important for them to be continually teachable, especially from You, God. Surely, the day that we stop wanting to learn more is when we will fall into the lies and deceits of evil and naïve men. These false teachers are everywhere, and it is just because people do not read the entire portion of the Bible. Certainly only parts of the Bible are spoken of and covered in many churches and even in people’s own readings. This is sad since everything that is spoken in scripture is still useful for our learning today. Lord, I love the fact that we can now search the Bible and find exactly what we are looking for right away in Your Word. Technology is very helpful in this way. It is very useful indeed, especially when harder verses appear and we need some clarification on them. It is awesome that later verses and chapters do declare the meaning of what we just read. Even the verses and chapters before what is ready help us to understand the context. Lord, I just wish that people would desire to take into account the whole portion of the Bible as a learning tool for today. I have done this and my mind has been invigorated because of all the mysteries You have unfolded upon me. I am a new man just because You have given me wisdom. Thank You God. I love what is written in scripture. It is what leads me and guides me in this darkened world. And if anyone needs guidance I do. I don’t need people swaying me to believe a certain way, but You leading me in what is right and what is wrong according to Your Word. Thank You for directing my path. Continue to lead me all my days and away from temptation. I love You Lord. Amen.
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