Today’s Prayer (05/30/2020)

Oh lord, I pray that people will desire to have the Holy Spirit in their lives. That this thought of having You with them at all times would actually reside in their hearts. I know that this will take a miracle for most people, but I pray that there are still some people who are willing to do this. You are looking for those who are broken and humble of heart, and who need a Savior. These desire mercy and forgiveness, along with a better life. They are tired of finding temporary joy which only leads to guilt and shame. Lord, narrow is the gate which leads to life eternal and I pray that more people will desire to go through it. Take them out of the wide gate that they are traveling through right now. That You may lead them in the ways that are righteous. Once people experience the type of joy that they can gain while in the Spirit, they will never look back. Even Your very elect will want a double portion of Your spiritual gifts in their lives. These are those that saved and desire to also share the good news of the gospel message with their friends. For how can we be saved and not want to tell anyone else that You can save their lives also. As I’ve read in scripture, we are the light of the world. This is speaking to those who believe in and also live their lives for You. We don’t hide our faith under a bushel but shine our lights for all people to see. This is a dark world that we live in today, but so many people’s lives can still be impacted for the good. If they would just allow You to light up their lives, amazing things would start to happen for them and others around them. I am talking about people who desire to be made alive in You and not be found wanting any longer. Your ways are so good, but only a few people can see this. I just wish that there would be more people saved from the power of Satan and no longer be on the path which leads to hell. Your ways are holy, but also leads us safe way to heaven. Who will follow You is the question? As for me, I will follow You until the end of my days. I am nothing without You in my life. I love You more than anything else. Amen.
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