Today’s Prayer (05/17/2020)

Oh lord, I pray that people will see the miracles in the Bible and wonder if this can still happen today. This fascination in itself is good for the soul, for it leaves people to pray to You, in order for things like they have read to happen today. If we had not had the great examples of faith in the Bible, while these men of faith performed miracles by Your mighty hand, we may not be so brave to do the same today. Even doubt and fear would enter our hearts, as men and women, instead of boldness. This was my life for a couple of years until I started to go out on the streets with people who not only believed in Your healing power, but have seen it take place first hand in theirs’s and other people’s lives. I am grateful for You putting these men in my life, for their faith has led me to also believe the same and also perform Your miracles as I pray now. What I have learned is that You are simply waiting for people to step up to the plate and be used by You. Then, many miracles will flow out of them by Your hand. Surely, we are only Your vessel in bringing not only Your truth to people, but also to showcase Your power. Even my faith has been increased exponentially just because You did a miraculous work that nobody else can explain, through the healing that You performed through me. I just wish that more people would also trust in You, then they would also have these amazing encounters in their lives. What it takes are people that are selfless, and who care for the needs of others. All the selfishness and self-seeking desires need to be destroyed, in order for You to bless others through them. Even our love for our neighbor and our enemies needs to be alive and active in us, for You to showcase this type of love, peace, and hope into another person’s life. I love You, Lord. You are mighty in every form of the Word. I honor You and give You great glory this day and forever. Amen.
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