Today’s Prayer (05/26/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will wake up to their sins this day. That people will stop messing around in sin but come to You, God, for full deliverance. There is a time for temporary pleasure in the flesh, but also a time of reckoning before You in judgment. And I do not wish to see more people go to hell because of their life of pornography and fornication, which is sex outside of marriage, but to see more people come to faith and repentance. So deliver such people who are currently under the bondage of sin and death unto new life. Will You also lead them to good people in the faith, who will be able to fellowship with them, and also help them on their journey? I fear that lest this happens that people will go back into their evil tendencies once again. Therefore, also awaken more people in the faith to open up their doors and lives to people who are struggling in sin, but want out. To find such people and help them find rest in Your presence is what is needed. Lord, You are so good to us, and it is about time that we showcase this same kindness and compassion towards others in need. Even these people who were in the bondage of sin, but have repented, as believers, we voluntarily seek to help them. So that they are prayed over and also to our same Bible studies. This is the fellowship they need while being in homes where the Holy Spirit is present. Surely, people can fall, and fall again into the same sinful lifestyle, but until they know how to start living differently, will they slowly go back on the same path of destruction, once again. So instill in these people that already cried out to You in their confessions, desires to read the Bible daily and to pray often. Then, will You be able to fill them up as You have filled me up, and lead them also on the path of righteousness. I love You, Lord. Your ways are pure and holy, and I will cling to You all my days. You are my Savior and I give You praise and glory. Amen.

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