Today’s Prayer (05/04/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to come forth and desire to be used in Your kingdom. What is needed are workers who are humble and thirsty for whatever You have to throw at them. People that want to be used by You and don’t feel burdensome by it. This is the elect of God, whom You are able to do great things in Your kingdom. For people that in Your church, they do not sit idly by, while watching TV and playing video games, but keep themselves busy seeking You in prayer, reading the Bible, serving in the church, and witnessing on the streets and other places. Surely, Lord, You have given us a new heart, that has new desires along with it. We would never wish to waste our time on our phone, tablet, computer, or TV, but hope that You can use what we have for the building up of Your kingdom. And if things in our lives are not helping these efforts, we ask that You cast them out of our lives. Help us to always be aware of things that You love and that You hate also. For how can I say that I am on Your side if I am always seeking and going after the wrong things? This is not what it means to be born again, for if we were, we would despise what is evil and love what is good. We would continually go after things that You have called us to, and not what the world says is best for us. It isn’t superficial joy that makes us happy, but the joy that comes from heaven, which lifts our souls up with an abundance of great joy. So Lord, convict people of their sins, that they may stop sinning willfully, but begin to live for You instead. There is nothing hidden that You cannot see, which includes pornography and other sexual sins. These things must be eradicated and removed out of people’s hearts and minds, or else Your Spirit will never move in such people. So I pray that people will repent and be set free from their bondage. Set people free from their slavery to sin and renew them in the Holy Spirit. This I pray, Lord. In Your mighty Name, Jesus. Amen.
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