Today’s Prayer (05/08/2020)

Oh Lord, I am grateful to know You and to be Your child. Praise be to Your Name, oh Lord God of the heavens. Hallowed be your Name, dear Father. I worship You and You alone. I know that there are many distractions in life like TV, movies, sports, video games, phones, and other things, but they have no power over me, for You are my God and nothing else will come close. Surely, nothing else compares to You. I have been down the path of serving the lies of this world and have not found anything good in it. Every TV show and movie that I watched only took me away from serving You, reading the Bible, and praying. I always wondered where all my time went, when reality I gave it to these things instead of You. They were my gods and I didn’t even realize it until it was almost too late. Even the video games I played always made me feel like looking at porn afterward, which was awful. There was always such a dark cloud that was over me in these times, and now I know why. I was because You were not with me. Because I serving the lusts of my flesh, I could not have You also. So other gods in my life had to go. Even the amount of time I watch the NBA has been diminished. I no longer follow people, but You alone. Why would I want to follow anyone, when You have the answers that I have needed the entire time. You have always been there, but I was so stubborn in my own personal idolatry. What a mess I was in, and I am so grateful that You pulled me out of this. Now, I have no desire to watch anything on TV that doesn’t bring me to follow You. Everything that I can see on it is not useful and a big time waster. This is Satan’s big ploy to turn people away from You. So I cry out now for everyone that is on this dark path to wake up. Come to Jesus, who saves. You are Lord and have the power to save them from their sins, as You have saved me. I love You. Amen.
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