An Offering To The Lord

What kind of offering will you give to the Lord? Will it be a selfish or selfless offering? Don’t be found selfish with the Lord. When you are yielding your heart more in the things of the world it tells Him that He doesn’t really mean much to you. When you go to church on Sunday but don’t make time for Him during the week He can see what you’re most passionate about. When you spend most of your time watching TV or reading other books than the Bible it tells Him that what He offers isn’t that important to you. When you are tied down in your addiction He can see where your heart really is. When you go throughout your day and forget to pray He can see what you are truly worshiping. Just like Cain brought forth an offering unfit for the Lord, you are no different if you only offer a small percentage of your time to Him. Don’t be angry with the Lord if He doesn’t answer your prayers the way you want. Don’t keep a barrier between Him and you because of the past. Repent and come back to Him. Make God a central part of your life.

Be found selfless before the Lord. Offer up your time to Him. Make more time in your daily life for Godly things. Share His gospel with others. Love and serve one another. Help the poor and needy. If you see someone that is homeless, stop and talk with them. Share the love of Jesus with them. If you have money, give it to them. If you have what they need, offer it to them. Offer up your money to the Lord. Give tithes and offerings to your church. Donate to ministry funds and other church outreaches. Offer up your heart to the Lord. Yield up your lusts for Godly things. Think more often of God than of yourself. Read and study the Bible daily. Spend more time with Him in prayer. Praise and worship the Lord with all your heart. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and He shall answer. Oh Lord, I love You. I offer my heart and soul to You, Jesus. My time is your time. Lead me and I will go. My life is complete because I have You. All that I am is for you, my Savior. I surrender my life to You. I will live by your word. You bring me eternal joy.

Genesis 4:3-8
3 And in the process of time it came to pass that Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the ground to the Lord.
4 Abel also brought of the firstborn of his flock and of their fat. And the Lord respected Abel and his offering,
5 but He did not respect Cain and his offering. And Cain was very angry, and his countenance fell.
6 So the Lord said to Cain, β€œWhy are you angry? And why has your countenance fallen?
7 If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it.”
8 Now Cain talked with Abel his brother; and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother and killed him.

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