Offerings To God

We can either help in God’s work or sit quiet and just go to church on Sunday. My heart is all in for Jesus. I will offer up my life to serve Him.

Thanks To All Service Men

God bless all the service men for keeping us safe when times are hard. Even in uncertainty you come to our rescue.

Lift Your Eyes Towards Heaven

Arise and walk in the ways of the Lord. Live to be like Him. Walk in the Spirit that you may hear His voice. Seek His counsel and listen whenever He speaks.

Let Peace Be In Your Heart

If any of you struggle in your relationships with your family, seek the Lord’s help. Jesus is the prince of peace. He will give you rest.

Be Truthful

If you let the Lord guide what you say there will be less heartache and pain. People will be more understanding. The Lord will be with you and uphold you.

Thanks To God

I am so grateful for the cross. Jesus shed His blood that we might be saved. He gave His life to be a sacrifice for all mankind.

The Blessings Of God

I know that God loves everyone. He wants each person to hear His word. If He calls me to be a messenger for Him I will do it.

Tower Of Babel

We are not much different than those that built the tower of Babel. Most people’s lives are focused on wealth and self-gratification above all things.

Judgement Is Near

The Lord is looking into our hearts each day. He can see the legacy we are leaving behind. He can see the type of parent we are to our kids.

Thou Shalt Not Kill

If you are involved in a game that involves killing another person, think of how you feel when you play. Does the game bring in the Spirit of God or drive it away?

Pray To God

God truly answered my prayer. He rescued me when I felt afraid. He calmed my heart. I had no need to fear for He was with me.

Worship The Lord

God will protect you from harm if you trust in Him. The Lord is our fortress. We can depend upon Him. Give Him thanks in worship, each day, for He is good.

Heed God’s Counsel

The Second Coming will be similar to Noah’s time. Although God’s followers will speak of His coming only few will listen.

Listen To Jesus

All those that abide in Gods words will live by them. They will understand them. When Jesus speaks to our hearts we will obey His counsel.

Freedom From Sin

There is true freedom in Jesus. His blood has covered all sins. Give your life over to the Lord. Let Him do a mighty work in your life.

Believe In Our Lord Jesus

It takes more than just seeking the Lord. We must believe that He is Lord. We must accept Him into our hearts. We must repent and forsake our sins.

Free From Sin In Jesus

Once I gave my life over to the Lord, I was changed. I was born again in His Spirit. Jesus saved me from death. I was no longer dead to life but alive in Jesus.

Accept Jesus As Lord

To accept Jesus into our hearts means to make Him the highest priority in our lives. We sacrifice our time to live a life for Him.

Made Whole Through Jesus

Trust in God, that He will restore your heart. Your fight is over. Come back into His loving arms. It is never too late to come back to Christ.

A Wicked Generation

If you are caught up in the things of the world, repent. Let go of your lusts and come to the Lord. Let Him cast off your chains of addiction.

Walk With God

Oh Lord, you are everything to me. You light up my life. You bring me joy. Your Word feeds my soul. I am alive in your love.

An Offering To The Lord

Be found selfless before the Lord. Offer up your time to Him. Make more time in your daily life for Godly things. Share His gospel with others.

Flee From Pornography

With the Lord’s help we can do anything. Even a life of sin can be turned upside down. I felt the Lord’s forgiveness in my life and anyone else with this addiction can too.

Thanks To All Women

The Lord surely gave woman the ability to calm their children. Everything you do is so amazing. You are changing the world because of your love.

Break Free From Addiction

Come broken before the Lord in prayer. Make an offering of your heart to Him. If you are sincere in your desire for change, He will have mercy upon you.

Marriage Built On The Lord

God desires that we follow the footsteps of our parents and get married. How amazing it is when we can find someone to love for ourselves.

Live For Jesus

If you are sincere in your actions, the Lord will free you from slavery. The more you seek Him the more you will dislike sin and love God.

God’s Beautiful Creation

Our God is perfect in all His ways. His creation was laid out with such precision. It leaves me in awe just thinking of His glorious creation.

Return To God

If you know anyone that has left the Lord, pray for them. Ask God to change their hearts. Be an example to them.

Examine Your Life

I gave Jesus my heart and He changed it from within. He took away all my guilt and filled it with love. Jesus saved my soul from Hell.

Judgement Is Awaiting

The Lord looks at the heart and knows if we truly love Him. At judgement, all of His followers will enter His joy with enthusiasm.