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Category: Devotionals (05-2016)

Offerings To God

We can either help in God’s work or sit quiet and just go to church on Sunday. My heart is all in for Jesus. I will offer up my life to serve Him. Continue Reading

Be Truthful

If you let the Lord guide what you say there will be less heartache and pain. People will be more understanding. The Lord will be with you and uphold you. Continue Reading

Thanks To God

I am so grateful for the cross. Jesus shed His blood that we might be saved. He gave His life to be a sacrifice for all mankind. Continue Reading

Tower Of Babel

We are not much different than those that built the tower of Babel. Most people’s lives are focused on wealth and self-gratification above all things. Continue Reading

Judgement Is Near

The Lord is looking into our hearts each day. He can see the legacy we are leaving behind. He can see the type of parent we are to our kids. Continue Reading

Thou Shalt Not Kill

If you are involved in a game that involves killing another person, think of how you feel when you play. Does the game bring in the Spirit of God or drive it away? Continue Reading

Pray To God

God truly answered my prayer. He rescued me when I felt afraid. He calmed my heart. I had no need to fear for He was with me. Continue Reading

Worship The Lord

God will protect you from harm if you trust in Him. The Lord is our fortress. We can depend upon Him. Give Him thanks in worship, each day, for He is good. Continue Reading

Listen To Jesus

All those that abide in Gods words will live by them. They will understand them. When Jesus speaks to our hearts we will obey His counsel. Continue Reading

Freedom From Sin

There is true freedom in Jesus. His blood has covered all sins. Give your life over to the Lord. Let Him do a mighty work in your life. Continue Reading