Today’s Prayer (05/23/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will at least have an open mind to things of God. So many people have already so much from their pastors, they are not willing to have an open mind to other things. Instead, they are caught up in what people have told them, instead of searching the scriptures to see if what they have said is true or not. This goes into the fact of if we should be reading anything else but what is in our current canon of scripture that we have today. Lord, many people have struggled when it comes to doing this since people have led them to know that anything outside the Bible is not inspired. How interesting this is, God, that people can say such derogatory and mean things about the book that they have never read before. How people can put down a book without actually opening up its covers. This is like people prejudging the Bible before they read it as well. Lord this type of understanding is man-made and I pray that these people that are locked into their current ways will repent. All I know is that if Jude and Peter quoted and referenced from another book, called “The Book of Enoch”, then I ought to research it myself. People may not agree with this, but I am hungry to know what drove these two disciples of Yours, Jesus, to reference this book for myself. I also desire for Your mysteries to fall down upon me also. I am not and will never close-minded when it comes to learning. I pray that You will unfold wisdom, knowledge, and counsel to me every day as I seek You. You are my God and I worship You. I love You more than life itself, Jesus. I give You glory and praise, this day and forever. Every book that You inspire I want to know and learn of. Thank You, God. Amen.
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