Today’s Prayer (05/18/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to experience Your great love like never before. I know that this can happen when they start seeking You first in their lives, instead of other things that only get in their way. Then will the Holy Spirit come down upon these people like a fire. It is my prayer that people will begin to limit their time using their TV, smartphones, and other devices. If people simply learned to do these things, then there would be an ample amount of time for them to pray, read the Bible, and love on people like You commanded us to do. No longer would people have less time in their day for things that You desire, but be ready and willing to do and go where you want us. We will be in the right place at the right time, in order to bless the lives of others. This is the time that we will learn to take the focus off of ourselves and onto others instead. Lord, once I started doing this, there was no turning back. I learned to love while being in the midst of the people in need. There I learned what humility and generosity really meant. I learned what it means to help one another when they cannot help themselves. Even those people that are in distress, it lifted my spirits just praying for them. Now, I love feeding the homeless, praying for people, and preaching the gospel on the streets. This is where joy is found. Joy is only masqueraded in the things of the world as real, but it is only wickedness in Your sight. We cannot find true joy that never fails unless we are in Your service, oh God. This is why I would rather trust in You than anyone else. How could I ever create a god for myself in the form of TV, smartphones, tablets, and computers, when You provide everything I need in life. I love You, Lord. You are my greatest joy of all. I give You praise and great glory. You are the one true God of the heavens. Amen.
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