Today’s Prayer (05/28/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people in this world will learn to understand the difference between a man of God and a wolf in sheep’s clothing. So often do both of these types of people appear genuine on the outside, but only one of them is genuine in the inside. What is sad is that these false prophets outnumber those people who really have the gift of prophecy in our day. So, Lord, I pray that people’s minds and ears are open to learning what You have said in the Bible, for it pertains to our day. That they may start seeking You out often in prayer as well. This way they will see who is really a charlatan and who is legit. Their eyes will be opened, much like mine have, and finally see the truth and no longer be led astray. Oh, how I love You and wish that more people would be pointing people to follow You, instead of seeking followers for themselves. It is really sad to know that even churches are now teaching people to follow their prophets, namely the Mormon Church. These people cannot even see the deceits they are under. Their eyes are blinded, so they continue to follow their prophets and are led astray. They may think that they are on the path which leads to heaven, but really they are on a path that leads to hell. Surely, we cannot follow men and be saved, but only believe in and follow You, Jesus for salvation. There is no other Name under heaven that we can be saved, but through You, Lord Jesus. I trust in what Your Word says and will never again follow prophets, but only hear them out if they are truly a man of God. I know that You will make this known to me and others. The gift of prophecy is for this day also, but the real purpose of our journey now is to trust in You, Jesus. We follow You and nobody else. I love You. Amen.
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