Today’s Prayer (05/03/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people of all the world, who call themselves Christian, will desire the best gifts that come only from heaven. Things that we can build up spiritually and take with us when we die. These are the gifts I desire above all else. As for my time now, it is to serve You, my gracious God and Father of all creation. Whatever spiritual gifts that I have not already gained from Your hand, I am now ready to gain even more when You are ready. Lord, I am ready to take the next steps for Your kingdom and no longer sit idly by while others do Your work. I know that I have a purpose in Your kingdom, and I am grateful that You have already used me up until this point in my life. Now, I know that my time is short and I do not know the time or day that I will pass on from death and into life eternal. So I will prepare all my days to obey Your commandments and to teach people the wisdom that You have given me. You’ve opened my eyes to the Bible and every verse is like honey to my taste. I cannot meditate on Your words long enough, for there is so much wisdom and knowledge to gain. Oh, how I love Your ways, for they are pure and true in every way. It is my greatest desire to see people know You like I have come to know You. May more people reach out their hand to You in prayer, that You may lead them also home, as You have for me. Because You are near me, I am already home in Your presence. Where I will go after this life is to be with You for eternity. What a wonderful present this is. I cherish my time now to be in prayer, studying the Bible, and showcasing Your love towards others. This is in preparation to be with You in heaven. Now, if I can help lead more people to be with You also, praise the Lord. This is why I live my life. It is to be Your servant and to share the good news of the gospel. I love You, Lord. Amen.

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