Today’s Prayer (05/07/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will not fear the Coronavirus or other trials in life, but begin to fear You instead. So many people are watching the news and doing everything they can, in order to follow the strict guidelines that are being told to the public at large, where You have become distant to most of them. It is like people would rather get details from people, of what they should be doing in these times of disease, instead of seeking Your hand in prayer. This life is short and people could die from this disease or really from anything else. So my question is, God. Are people just saying they believe in You, but really their hearts are far from you? Do they trust in the world more than they do in You? How can this be if they would go so far as to call themselves a Christian? This is really breaking my heart, for if people did love You they would seek Your hand in what You said in the scriptures and in prayer. And as You have directed us to do in the Bible, people would begin to pray like they never have before. They would see the plagues in their own lives and repent before it is too late. Lord, it is better to prepare our lives for heaven, then to find any favor in this world. I would rather live and die as a faithful follower of You, Jesus, then to die having done all I could to escape death with vaccines, wearing masks, and filling up on prescription drugs. Lord, You are my healer and my strength comes from You alone. I know that there is a time and place for doctors and even prescription drugs, but You will help me know when to go forward with such things. I know that You are there and will continue to lead me and others on Your righteous path. We just need to endure in our faith.  I love to walk in Your ways, for I love You with all my heart, God. Amen.
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