Today’s Prayer (11/30/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will wake up to know You. That their time coming to You will no longer be found in a church, but outside of its walls also. That their time will no longer be found when worshipping one day a week, but every day of their lives. That their time reading the Bible will no longer be one day a week, but every day of their lives. How can we say that we are true believers when our belief system is only on display while at church? For we are nothing more than the Scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees in Your day, Jesus. They knew how to appear righteous on the outside while in the temple, but inside their heart was far from You. They didn’t live by what You commanded them, but what they added unto the law instead. And so we have them and people now who live by their own terms. Many people know what You have taught in scripture, but still, justify their sinful actions even if it goes against Your Word. Lord, I just pray that people will come to a realization of how far they have distanced themselves from You because of their sins. And speaking of being sinful, they cannot come to this realization unless they begin to let You in their lives. Then, can You pierce their hearts and convict them of things they are doing wrong. As for me, I am so grateful that I allowed You into my life. And instead of me being fearful of Your coming, I now welcome it. I can’t wait for Your return, for it is what I live for each day. I live for You, Jesus, for You are my Savior and my King. Come soon, my Lord. I am waiting for You. I just wish that others will be ready for that day. I will try to help them prepare, but they must desire to be saved on their own. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/29/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will allow You to transform their lives. It only takes a person to humble themselves a little before You can do a mighty work in their lives. Too many people are satisfied with their own lives that this transformation is delayed. Often times it is even too late for people because they died while procrastinating their day of repentance. You wished to come in and dine with them, as You dine with me so often, but people are too busy in life to make time for You. Excuses start to arise when asked about their spiritual life outside of church. But in reality, if people were born again in the Spirit, this time for You would come naturally daily. Other things would also start to become less important as we give You our rightful time and space. You called us to abide in You, and this time with You we would begin to cherish each time it happens. Lord, the time I gave my heart to You is when I have become happier than ever before. I thought I could find happiness in pornography and the lusts of my flesh, but I was so wrong. It only led to guilt and shame, and a feeling of never being forgiven. Now I know that these feelings were of Satan, for he never wanted me to come to You in my confessions. He hoped that I would stay in my sins and begin to justify my sinful actions. Thankfully, I did pray. That day You came and rescued a lost soul. I had no way out of the darkness, but Your light came in and scattered it. I am set free because You continued to do a work in my life based on my daily prayers and time in Your Word. Thank You, Jesus. You are my Savior and my God. Your mercy endures forever. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/28/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will become drawn to You. Yes, Jesus, I pray that people will come to know You as their messiah and savior of the world. That people will call upon Your name and it will mean more than just words. That people will come to a realization of what You did for us on the cross and cry out to You in praise and thanksgiving. You did so much for us, that we might be saved and I give You glory. Thank You, God, for suffering so much, that I might be forgiven. I was once so lost in my sins, but You pulled me out of a life of despair and raised me up into newness of life. I am born again because You have adopted me into Your fold. You held nothing against me but loved me enough to take me in. You are such a good Father, and I don’t deserve all the love and affection You give me. I am so blessed and I give You thanks, this day and forever. I love and adore You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/27/2020)

Daily Prayer: Oh Lord, I pray that we will go all-in when it comes to our faith. So many people are willing to do this when it comes to their job, but giving You there all often never happens. Again, I ask why people are so willing to do all that their boss asks of

Today’s Prayer (11/26/2020)

Thank You, Jesus, for my family. That is my wife, two daughters, three sisters, two brothers, parents, and my grandparents. You created me in my mother’s womb and gave me such a wonderful family. You have even given me great friends. Praise the Lord. Thank You, Lord, that both my wife and I have good jobs. You have blessed us with a house that is warm in the winter and cool in the summertime. We have cars to drive also, which I also give thanks for. We have food on the table and have a bed to sleep on. And because You are in our lives, this is everything we need. We are not alone, for You have brought into us new life. Our eyes have been opened and we can see. Thank You for giving us wisdom that will help us keep our faith, even until the end. You are the light that we follow. Because of Your mercy and grace, we are forgiven. Nothing is too hard that we cannot conquer, for You are lifting our burdens. I give You glory and praise. I love You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/25/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all gain a more generous heart. That people will understand the need to help one another who is less fortunate. This can be our elderly neighbors who need help raking their leaves. Our neighbors, who don’t have the type of snow shovels that we have and need help. People who are trying to start their car and cannot, but we have jumper cables to help them. The homeless that we see on the side of the road, give us over to stop and care for their needs also. Even the times we go out to eat, help us to also invite those people who are less fortunate to join us. Lord, take out of our hearts every ounce of selfishness, stinginess, pride, and judgementalism. If these feelings could just be removed from people, then more people would be open to help more people who are less fortunate than themselves. They would not think that people would misuse their money but become cheerful givers no matter what. Thank You for giving me over to use my money to help people in need. I love to give to full-time missionaries who are in need and could never do this unless you were with me. I love to stop and care for the homeless and others in need. And what is better is to take them out to eat with me and my family. I love to have them in my midst when I dine out for food, no matter what other people think. This brings me more joy than anything else, for this is fulfilling Your perfect will. Even, You are in the room with us. It is because You told us to have people over with us for dinner, that my heart has been more and more open to this than ever before. Thank You for convicting me of my faults and helping me know how to please You and do Your will. I love You, Lord. I give You praise and glory, this day and forever. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/24/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will find out where true joy is found in life. Not in the luxuries of this world, but what You bring into our life. Anything else besides You is temporary. We cannot find eternal happiness in the things we purchase for ourselves or gain as gifts from other people. It is fun and all to receive something new, especially when it is the cutting edge, but soon after we use it the effect wears off. Even do more things come out that are more feature-rich and our heart is now on those things instead. This is where we begin to covet what is not important. Lord, this is the society we live in. Technology is running ramped while causing many people to be financially burdened because of all the things they purchase. Even do people create long lists of items in their Amazon Wishlist, instead of creating long lists of things they wish to do for Your kingdom. How different would the world be if people were seeking daily what they could do for You, God, instead of the world? This would cause all the selfishness in people’s hearts to vanish away, while selflessness would start to take over the world. This is the type of society that ushers in Your love, where people are accepting of it more than anything else. Lord, this is the type of world I wish to be in, but I know that it can only happen this way if people in the faith step out in faith also. We cannot be keeping our belief in You to ourselves and expect anything in this world to change. So I pray for a revival to happen in people’s hearts. That they will begin to seek You first and treasure up the things of heaven. Then, will more of heaven come down to earth, while many people are blessed. I love You, God. I believe in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/23/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will not give in to their lusts any longer. That they will instead give into Your willpower in their lives. If You were to build us up in the faith, fewer people would be walking in willful sin and following You instead. And I know why this is happening and it is never Your fault, God. It is people’s selfish ambitions that keep them from following You. You wish that we would all come unto You in our humility, but our pride continues to get in the way of that. Even to the point of people justifying their sinful actions. This causes people to walk further and further from You until they are too far gone. This is why sin is abounding in the world we live in. People have made what is evil appear to be good and good to appear evil. Even we are ridiculed for walking in Your righteousness. People call us stuck up religious people or prideful when only we desire to have You in our lives and not an ounce of sin. How can people see that we are prideful when we only wish to live for You and to see more people be saved? As for me, I can’t stand the wickedness in this world any longer. It drives me nuts to see people watching certain things on TV, for it ruins the Spirit in me. Therefore, I am grateful that You have cut from my life, time spent watching TV. That I no longer desire to watch things that will only waste my time or cause me to stumble in the faith. Lord, You have also rescued me from a life of sin. Thank You. Even pornography is no more because You have cast that addiction from my heart. I am no longer tied to it, and even when tempted I am not given into such filth, for You are with me now. I have been given armor and a shield that will win every battle, as long as I have it on. Thank You Jesus for caring enough as to build me up with Your strength and courage. I have the boldness to share the gospel because You are with me now. I love You, Lord. I believe in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/22/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will repent and come unto You in their confessions. That people will no longer do things when it is convenient for them, but do things also when it is difficult. For how many times do we feel burdened and call upon Your Name for help, and You come to our rescue. But why can’t we do the same for others who are in need of our help? This is what makes no sense to me. I know that I was often this person, but You have delivered me from a life of sin and into a life of showcasing Your love to others. So it would make sense if people have not allowed You to transform their lives yet, that people would be acting so selfish towards people in need. How people put labels on homeless people, so they don’t have to give to them. Saying that they will only use their money for booze or drugs. How untrue this is for so many homeless who are simply hungry and needing some food. How they are in need of new clothes, shoes, coats, and more, but we cannot see past what we think to care for their needs. And not just them. Even our friends and neighbors do we disregard their need for help if we are in a rush or late a night. How people get inconvenienced by the littlest things, but then expect You to always give good gifts to them. I just wish that people would understand that we are Your chosen vessels on earth. And in so doing, we are to act with You being the head of our lives. If people would just allow this to happen, then that heart of generosity and charity would begin to form like no other. These inconveniences would vanish away, where more people would be helped instead. This I know, for You did this to me. Thank You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/21/2020)

Lord, I pray that people will not be ashamed to tell others about You. Many times I have tried to ask people what they mean when they say they believe in You, however, the only thing I get back most of the time is that they are not interested. Their faith is private to them. And this does not make any sense to me, Lord, especially if these people are reading the Bible daily. Wouldn’t they know that You told us to not be ashamed to tell people about You? Sharing our faith is having fellowship with others, and it is a good thing. When people are telling others why they live for You and telling them why they believe in You, this encourages people in the faith. Only when people are not willing to talk to people who are sharing their faith, this only discourages them. Wow! I can’t believe how cold people have become when it comes to talking about their faith. It is like they don’t believe that You called us to open our mouths and share the gospel. I wonder if they don’t do this because they think it will start an argument with someone, but having this mentality is so wrong. People like this so often go in and out of church without talking to many people. They go in and out each week, but don’t understand what it means to go to church. We don’t go there for ourselves, but to be nourished by You in Your Word and also to be encouraged in the faith through our fellowship with others. I just wish people would see the importance of sharing their faith with others. I believe in You. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/19/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that the anger in people’s hearts will cease. That people will give all their hatred over to You, that You will mend their hearts and not allow them to be given over to this same anger again. There are walls built up because of undone anger that is in people’s hearts. People attend and are a part of riots that only cause more evil to come into the world than any good. Because of people who are filled up anger, there is contention in homes and even verbal and physical abuse, which is so wrong. And with any sort of anger that is left within us, Your will is unable to take hold of our lives, that the Spirit may come to guide us. We are left alone to fight the battles, which we cannot find victory in. Yes God, this is not the life we wish to live. So take hold of our lives and help us to learn how to love one another. We cannot do this through our own flesh, but only if You are there with us. Lead us through the Holy Spirit, God. We cannot learn to truly forgive others unless every grudge is cast out. And help us learn to say sorry when we have done wrong. It is good to stay humble and not be lifted up in our pride. So bring into our lives meekness and humility. Give us over to a mind that is willing to learn and to take the rebuke from You and others. We know that we are not perfect, and are willing to take any wise counsel that is given. Help us to know the right way to live. Even the right way to treat others. May Your love abound in us at all times and in all places. I love You, Lord. I believe in You. I give You praise and glory and honor, this day and forever. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/18/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will humble themselves before You. That they would not allow the temptations of the devil to turn their hearts against You. The evil one knows exactly what causes a person to stumble, so unless they are born again, then they will continue to be afflicted. So I pray that people will turn to You for salvation. That they will be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Only then can they be led by Your hand and not by their own fleshly desires. Our flesh is weak when we are living this life alone, but made strong when You have a hand in it. And concerning people who continue to hang out with friends that are not in the faith, this is only going to cause them to stumble. Unless You are with them, leading by example in Your light, these same people will eventually fall by way of the darkness that their friends are leading them in. Even will they cause them to sin and also justify their actions. For they may say that they are young and have a right to experience life. Later they can repent. And again, so many people think this way, as did the prodigal son. However, praise God that he returned to his father before it was too late. As for other people who procrastinate their day of repentance, most often this is forgotten and they get so consumed with the life they are living that it never comes. Only people who continue to hear Your Word and allow You to come into their lives are saved. For only by allowing You to do a work in their lives are there fruits that are made evident. So it is my prayer that people remember You in their everyday lives. That they will continue to pray often, read and study the Bible daily, and seek and do Your will. This will lead them unto salvation. I love You, Lord. I give You glory and praise. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/17/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will remember how important it is to be doing Your will now, not just in the past. How things done in the past are wonderful if You were involved, but that these thoughts should not make us think that our part is done in Your kingdom. For the time we think this way is when we will start to find time for other things. These things could be worldly in nature and even sinful at that. Lord, anything that is taking people’s time away from You needs to stop. I just don’t understand how people can be living for You one day and not the next. How can people allow themselves to go the way of the prodigal and start justifying their actions also. There will be a day and a time set forth for people who gave up their first love for things of this world. How their fleshly desires become more important to them than You. But this does not have to be the case for people. There is still time to repent and You are still gracious to forgive people who have fallen into sin. Our destination is not set in stone until either Your return or when we die and I pray that in either moment we will be found doing Your will. As for me, I will live my life for You. May there be less of me and more of You. May Your ways become my ways also. I love You, Lord. You are my God and I worship You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/16/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will make a stand today to not get the COVID Vaccine when it comes out. More and more signs indicate that there will be a mark with it, in order to show that people are vaccinated. Which closely resembles the mark of the beast. Lord, I am using wisdom, as the Bible says, and I am seeing that this mark will cause people to not be able to buy or sell. We are already going through this with the mask mandate and times will only get worse. But one thing that we know for certain is that You are our protector. Even our fortress, whom we can put our trust in and go to for safety in times of uncertainty. But Lord, if it is needed for us to go through tribulation before we can finally rest in your presence I am ready. But please take me by the hand and help me through the pains and turmoil that is to come. Help me and others in the faith to stay strong and to continue to resist temptations, both small and great. Even the temptations that look to be so good on the outside, help us to rightly distinguish the fraud that it is. Even the Coronavirus vaccine, of which the news media is making out to be harmless. Earlier in the year in March, you brought it to my attention that a vaccination was coming. This happened even before it was spoken of and made known to the public. And praise God that You showed me the future to come. I could have come into this pandemic blinded with all the fake news, but You loved me so much as to show me how to prepare for it. And how do we prepare for a vaccine mandate and the mark along with it? We continue to pray. We continue to read the Bible. We continue to fellowship one with another. We continue to do the work of ministry that You have called us to. We will love our enemies as You have us called us to also. Lord, I am ready to die for You. My faith in You means more than any special privilege that may come with getting the vaccine, along with the mark. I love You more, Lord. I give you glory and praise. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/15/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will put You in our remembrance at all times and in places. That You will not be distant in our lives, but close to our hearts. Only when we draw near unto You, can You draw near unto us. We cannot continue in our sinful ways and think that You are ok with our lives. Just like the prodigal son did, we ought to repent and come back to You for forgiveness. Then, can our lives get back in order again. You are able to raise us up into newness of life all over again if we would just put our trust in You. I know that all things are possible for those people who seek Your hand and don’t lose heart in You. Prayer is also so important, but so often it is forgotten altogether. Sure, people pray over food as a family ritual, but personal and family prayer is what is lacking. The same goes for Bible study. People do so well at church with finding time to read Your Word, but at home, this is another story. Because their phone, TV, computer, and other devices take their attention, You are left in the dark. So again, I ask every person who says they are a believer why they cannot put You first? How come other things are more important to them when only You can save their soul from hell? I just wish that people would decide, once and for all, to go all in. That they would understand what they are putting ahead of You and cast them aside altogether if needed. And if there is good to come out of these devices still, help them find ways to use them for personal growth and ministry reasons. Sometimes the thing we use don’t have to be cast out, but how we use them needs to change. And You know exactly how that can happen. We just need to reach out to You for answers. I love You, Lord. I believe in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/14/2020)

Oh lord, I pray that people will remember that we are called to put on the whole armor of God. We can’t be true believers and also be found living for our fleshly desires instead of You. This is like saying that people love their sin, like pornography, but still want to go church on the weekends. Unfortunately, people need to make a choice today. What side are they really on? For if we chose to follow You, then we would be built up in Your armor at all times and in all places. We would no longer be found in addiction, for You would be guiding our lives. We would be baptized into newness of life. So, Lord, I pray that You will raise up warriors in Your kingdom. People who are truly kingdom people and not just bystanders. Those who love You in their words and deeds. That our works will show forth because of our faith in You. We know that we are not saved through our works, but that our works are the fruits of our salvation. Help us, oh Lord. We know that we cannot do any good thing on our own part, so we need the Holy Spirit to strive within us. May we remember the importance of reading the Bible daily, along with praying often. Only through this can people be drawn to love for You. So much so as to choosing good Christian friends to be around. To limit their time on their phones, tablets, TV, and computers, so that there is ample time for You. Lord, as Christians, we don’t just desire to put You first, but we do so every minute of every day. We love You more than anything else. Our treasures are found in You and not this world. This world can take us down by way of sickness, persecution, financial issues, and death, but if we are saved, then we are happy. You make us happy and joyful above all else. I love You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/13/2020)

Lord, I pray that we will become more selfless and less selfish. That we will be more willing to give than to receive. I admit that I am a sinner without Your presence in my life. Only when You are near can I resist temptation and do Your will instead. Without You my flesh is weak and I cannot help but fall into transgression and sin. Therefore, do I cling to You every hour and every minute of each day. I do not wish to grieve the Holy Spirit again but be led safely in this darkened world. I need Your light to guide me to safety, not paths that appear to be good on the outside. For all paths that don’t lead to You are filthy and therefore, make our lives filthy also. Oh, how tarnished our lives become when we have distanced ourselves from Your presence. I know what this is like and I cannot help but fall into past addictions. Satan sees that I am weak and goes at me with force that I might fall. Lord, I have seen what willful sins do to a person and am sorry. I am so shameful and guilty, while not knowing how to gain Your respect again. It is like I betrayed my best friend and have no idea how to restore the relationship I once had. Yes, God, I am lost without You. But it is so worth it when I fall down on my knees in all my confessions. I admit that I have wronged You and are not worthy of Your forgiveness. But then You run to me with open arms and I am not alone anymore. Your arms of mercy do come when I least expect it. Thank You for saving a wretch like me. I need You in my life, God. Without You, I am lost, just like anyone else in this world. So take hold of my life like never before. Lead me on Your righteous and holy path. I believe in You. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/12/2020)

Oh Lord, I come to You in worship and praise. I exalt Your great Name, Jesus. Thank You for coming into my life and for forgiving me a sinner. I was so far from You, but still, You had compassion upon me. Though my flesh is weak, You have made me strong. In my temptations, You built me up in Your armor, that I might fight against the enemy. I will no longer stand idly by while Satan has his way in me, but fight each day, each hour, and every minute for Your cause. No longer do I wish to grieve the Holy Spirit, for I only want to be in Your presence God. I want more of You and less of me. Have Your way in my life. Let Your will be done in everything I say and do. If I say and do anything, may it be for Your kingdom and not for my own self. And Lord, thank You for my family. Thank You for drawing us near each night in Bible study and prayer. We have grown in the Spirit as a family and long for Your coming. Yes, Jesus, we can’t wait to be raised up to be with You in the clouds. You are our God and to declare Your great Name brings me great joy. What a day it will be to be with You on this new earth and new heaven. Thank You for preparing a place for every believer. We are not worthy to be called Your sons and daughters, but because of Your mercy, we are drawn into Your fold. As adopted children, we give You thanks this day and forever. Keep our paths straight. Help us to walk in Your holiness and righteousness. Pierce our hearts to forgo every sinful way, in order to follow You completely. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/11/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray for more salvations from all around the globe. That people will begin to call upon Your Name and believe in You unto salvation. There is salvation only through one Name under heaven and that is through You, Jesus. May people begin to grasp that fact and take hold of You, God. We can do all things only if You are leading us in this life. Otherwise, things will become a strain, of which we cannot muster up enough strength on our own to bear it. There are way too many burdens that are on people’s shoulders right now, which is impossible for them to bear on their own. So I pray that they will become humble enough like Mary was, and say, “be it unto me according to thy word”. (Luke 1:38) Then, could You begin to use many more people in the service of Your kingdom. I am so grateful, God, that You did come into the world, in order to save us from our sins. You came from the lineage of David and are the ruler of Israel and all mankind. One day, every person will have to give an account to You, come judgment day, and I pray that more people will be ready. Surely, You came down in order to also show us the right way to live our lives. To not live for the world, but for the building up of Your kingdom instead. This might be a lot to ask of from many people, for they are oh so enamored with their own lives. People get so busy that the time they spend with You is minimal. And even their lifestyle more resembles the world, then as a born again Christian. So I pray that You will awaken people up to righteousness and holiness. That people will begin to see Your light and walk in it also. To confess their sins, that You may change them from the inside out. I love You, God. I believe in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/10/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to fear You. That they will not stop Your creation, but allow it to come forth freely. That people will think twice before they associate with those who are pro-choice. This type of thinking leads to more abortions, which is so wrong. I hope that every Christian will come to an understanding of how evil abortion really is. That they will no longer be for this movement, but stand for what is right in saving unborn babies. Lord, I wish I could tell everyone about Your amazing creation and how we were created in Your image. How You formed every person who is about to be born in the mother’s womb. And if You have had a hand in this, why would anyone want to stop it? I know I do not wish to. How beautiful is every baby that is born? And this can only be the case because You were involved in creating them. Thank You, God. Thank You, Jesus. I glorify Your Name. Lord, You made us all so perfectly. I am so grateful for my two beautiful daughters. I don’t know where I would be without them and my wife who carried them full term. Thank You for instilling into my wife, good and moral instincts to not kill. You helped her realize how precious babies really are. Even the unborn is no different than the baby that is born. They are all the same but at different stages of their development. This is so true, for You were involved with every part of that stage. Surely, I can’t thank You enough for forming my children before they were born. I owe everything to You, God. Thank You for my family, my brothers, my sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We all came out of our mother’s womb just as You planned it. Thank You. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/09/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will be watchful and ready for the things to come. That they will not give in to whatever the media, or even the president, is saying is necessary for us but be seeking You to know what is right and what is wrong. As I know now, this pandemic is causing many people to be fearful to the point of wanting a vaccination, in order for it to end. And if people would simply come unto You in prayer, then that fear would be put at rest. Surely, You are still our healer in these times of unrest. People can come at us with things that appear to be good, but if You are not for it, then I am not either. What You desire is most important for my life and not what I think is right. If my knowledge is wrong, please correct me as soon as possible, God. My desires are to be conformed under Your perfect will and not be found on the side of the enemy. Lord, help people to fight for what is right and run from what is evil. If this vaccine is the first step of the mark of the beast, I pray that people will stay far away from this vaccine. It may cause them to lose some abilities they once had in society, but it will be worth it. I would rather not get it and also be one that doesn’t get the mark either because of it. I would rather die faithful unto You and not gain any pleasures of this world because of some mark. All I desire are Your treasures that come from heaven. People can take everything away from me, but if I still have You I am happy. My joy comes from You and not this world. You have placed me on solid ground and I am loved because of it. Thank You, Jesus. I love You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/08/2020)

Holy Father, I love You and give You honor this day and forever. I love to call upon Your Name and worship You. You are the Almighty God, Father, and I cannot get enough of Your presence. Thank You for sending Jesus, Your only begotten Son, into this world. Because of Jesus, our Lord, the payment of sins is now in place for us all. I am grateful that He took upon Himself my sins, that I might be forgiven. What a great God You are. Lord, I know that Jesus is alive, for His fire is burning in my heart. He has made Himself known to me, that I might be a witness for You to all the world. This is not an inconvenience for me, but a great honor to become Your messenger. It is my prayer, God, that people I reach will have the heart to listen to You. That their ears will be opened to receive the understanding that the Spirit of God has for their lives. I am only Your mouthpiece, but without the Spirit speaking truth to them, their conversion will never happen. Therefore, I rely on You, God! I pray that You will lead me by the hand in what I should be doing each day and every hour. That what I speak to people will not be of myself, but what is from You alone. Give me wisdom, oh Lord. Help me to walk in Your ways, that Your light will shine round about me and into other people’s lives. I only desire to be Your instrument for righteousness and to spread peace upon this earth. So help me along the way. Help me to stay healthy also, that sickness will not stop me from doing what You have called me in Your kingdom. I believe in You. You are our healer and I trust in You! I love You! I give You praise! Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/07/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will understand the importance of the cross. That they will come to a realization of all that You did for us, Jesus, and begin to praise Your holy Name. How often do people accept You into their lives, but it often only lasts a day. If they just comprehend all that You did for us while on the cross, they would give their whole life to follow You. People would fall down upon their knees in reverence, for You were pained for our transgressions. And the very fact that You did this for me, means everything. I now know that I have a God that truly loves me, which is You, Lord. You have not forsaken us, but gave us all a pathway to follow. My salvation is secure, for You are in my life now. I was once dead, but You gave me a new life. I was deaf, but I can hear from You now. I could not see the importance of the cross, but now I can see and it is the power of God in me. It is my prayer that more people will come unto You, Jesus, for salvation. That people will no longer stand idly by while others are saved but run to You. It is when we call upon Your Name is when mercy is available. I am so grateful for Your grace, God. How could You forgive a wretch like me? I will never understand why You still saw potential in me. I was so far gone into a life of sin, but You came and rescued me. Thank You, Lord. I owe everything that I am to You. You are the reason why I live and breathe in this life. Without You I am nothing. So come into my life every hour. Come and stay awhile and sup with me and my family. We love You and honor You. I give You great glory and praise. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/06/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people would learn to love You and their neighbor as themselves. That they would become more selfless and less selfish. Help them learn what it means to give and not just to receive. So many people’s happiness relies on what they receiving in life and not what they are doing towards others, which is very sad. What they gain is so often more important than what they can do for someone else who is in need. If people could just see their actions as You see them, then things would be different. They would receive Your wise counsel and start living for You instead of themselves. They would repent of their selfish ambitions and learn to love what You love and hate what You hate. All I know, God, is that the things of this world are often so misleading. What appears to be so good on the surface often has bugs or issues along the way. Even the technology in our devices, like smartphones and tablets, only lasts for so long before people think they need a new upgrade. Things get old fast, as new things are coming out each year. And so people come into financial problems because of the run of their credit card. And oh how all this could have stopped overnight if people would learn to do good unto others instead of themselves all the time. One thing I’ve learned is that when I am in Your service is when I am the happiest. And if another person is loved by some good work I did for them, then I am loved the same way. Even my joy is increased. Lord, my greatest joy is when I know Your work is done, and when other people’s needs are met. That is that matters. I give You glory! I don’t deserve anything that is praiseworthy, for You deserve it all. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/05/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will be ready for Your return. Surely, the fruit of the vineyard is becoming ripe before our eyes. Therefore, Your second coming is becoming more evident every day. Even now I am watching and waiting for You. With all the energy of my heart do I seek Your hand in prayer and supplication often, that I may be in Your service when that day comes. You have done such a mighty work in my life and it is wonderful. Thank You, Jesus. I have guidance and direction because You have become so near to my heart. I love Your presence. To know that You are leading me by the hand brings me so much joy. I know that You love me because it is so evident by all fruit that has come forth. I do not boast in myself but boast in my God, who did everything through a person of faith like me. I am not good on my own terms, but only when You are with me. Then, there is goodness and grace that flows from You and into my life also. I am so grateful for Your mighty hand. It is so evident in my life and my family. As we read the Bible daily, I have seen such a great shift in our spiritual life. The verses have flown off the pages and into my heart. I cannot highlight enough of all the verses that You are giving me wisdom from. Thank You. It is in constant prayer that I have found You, Jesus. And in prayer time with my family, have they also grown in their faith. Praise God. I pray that more people will also be watchful in prayer in their lives. That they will give You what is necessary for the Spirit to flourish in their lives. We need more kingdom workers, and if people would just yield their lives over to You, then You could be doing so much more. I love You, Lord. I am waiting anxiously for Your return. So please come soon, my Lord, and King. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/04/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will come unto You for salvation. That they will no longer be partway in, but go all in to serve You. Surely the harvest is ripe, but only a few laborers are found. Even You are the Lord of the vineyard and are looking for those who are ready to be a beacon of light and hope to the lost. I am ready and willing to do whatever You call for me in this life, and have seen much fruit from Your dealing with me also. It has come with persecution as well, but I knew that I would have to go through the fire, in order to find the one soul who is ready to be saved. For even if one person out of a thousand would give their lives to You, the angels would be rejoicing with me. I love to see people come to know You, Lord, even into a deeper relationship than before. You have given me words to speak to people, and I am so grateful. It is my prayer that I will continue to be used for Your glory. But Lord, I know that I cannot bring the gospel to everyone. We need more people at the front lines, ready to preach, teach, pray with others, do acts of service, lend an ear to hear people, and help those who are less fortunate. Surely, doing this is what it means to love our neighbor. It is our calling in life to come unto You for salvation and then live out our faith. Nothing this world offers us can satisfy our souls like Your love can. There is only temporary joy and satisfaction through things I’ve discovered in life apart from You. But with Your presence in my life, I am satisfied. There is nothing greater than bringing Your love into another person’s life. It is so good. I just wish that people would understand this. I love You, Lord. I praise You and give You great glory. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/03/2020)

Oh Lord, help us all to become selfless. We ask that You take every ounce of selfishness in our lives and rip it all out. We no longer wish to fulfill our own selfish desires while other people’s needs are not being met. Give us eyes to see those who are less fortunate, that we may lend a helping hand. Help us see their needs and do all we can to supply them. If it means giving them money, clothing, or food, I am willing. What I gain from my job is all Yours, so do with it as You please, God. And if it is isn’t money, but a person to lend an ear to, I will give it. If it is a person who will pray with and for them, I will do so. Many people are left in this darkened world and have no idea of the path they are on. Therefore, give me words of wisdom, that I may reach them with the truth of the gospel. For this, I need Your guidance and direction. Even the boldness that comes from heaven is what will help me in these efforts. Be with me, God. I cannot do anything good for Your kingdom on my own will, but only if You are ever with me. Surely, if You are doing a work in me, I can do all things. Nothing You desire will ever be left unaccomplished if I would just continue to look to You in faith, listen to You, and follow Your wise counsel. I have seen the fruits of Your doings in my life already and believe there is still much more left to do in Your kingdom. I pray that many more people are loved on, as well as brought to You in faith. May more people see the love in me as I care for their different needs. I love and honor You, Lord, with all my heart, mind, strength, and soul. I give You praise and glory, this day and forever. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/02/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will begin to acknowledge You as their Lord God and Savior. You did come into the world to save us from our sins. It was prophesied of hundreds of years before You actually came and myriads of people were waiting. Though most of the Jewish people did not believe in You and therefore lifted You up on a cross, they did not know that this one sacrifice would change everything. Because You were scourged, spit upon, and suffered and died on the cross, our sins can also be forgiven. You put a stop to all the animal sacrifices, for You the last sacrifice for sin. Even the Lamb of God, You are called. Wow! You are such a great God. Thank You, Jesus. I come to You now in anthems of praise. You are holy, so I cry holy! It is my desire for You to come and abide in my life forever. Shine down upon me, that people of all the world will see You in me and rejoice. There is salvation and it comes through Your Name alone. How can people follow men who will only lead them astray, when we could be led by You, oh Lord? I will never understand why people make different things and people the Lord of their lives, when You stand idly by. Why do people desert You, oh Lord when You are waiting to save them from destruction. If people would just fall down upon their knees in all their confessions, would You show Yourself unto them. They would know that You are God and that salvation can only come through You. I believe in You. I trust in You. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/01/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that every person who says they believe in You will also walk in Your ways. That they will know what is true and leave every false way behind. If this means leaving behind a church that is false also, let it be done. I would hate to see people terrified come judgment day, having wished that they had repented while they had breath. Surely, we cannot assume that certain types of churches are true just because of their beautiful temples and cathedrals. If their doctrines are not for You, then they are against You. And what I am seeing are people who are trusting in their church leaders more so than you. How do I know this God? It is because when I ask them if they are reading their Bible, oftentimes they say, “No”. They say, “I have read it before, but haven’t had time to read it since.” But do they still go to their church on different holidays and many of them each weekend? Yes, they do. What they are hearing taught from their priests, bishops, and or pastors, sounds uplifting, so they trust their teachings also. “They wouldn’t lead them astray”, they say in their minds, so they don’t even think twice when different doctrines go against the Bible. And how can they know? They have their leader to trust, and “he knows the Bible”, they say. Wow! What a lost and hopeless generation we are living in. There are now many doctrines of men that are leading people to hell. Even homosexuality and gay rights have been implemented into many different churches, which is so wrong. People listen to their leaders and are, therefore, conformed to these false teachings unknowingly. These people walk blindly on the path of destruction and hell, come judgment day. I pray for their lost souls, that they will come out of their false churches and religions and begin to submit to You today. That they will begin to love You with all their heart, mind, and soul. I love You, Lord. I believe in You, and praise Your holy Name. Amen.