Today’s Prayer (11/08/2020)

Holy Father, I love You and give You honor this day and forever. I love to call upon Your Name and worship You. You are the Almighty God, Father, and I cannot get enough of Your presence. Thank You for sending Jesus, Your only begotten Son, into this world. Because of Jesus, our Lord, the payment of sins is now in place for us all. I am grateful that He took upon Himself my sins, that I might be forgiven. What a great God You are. Lord, I know that Jesus is alive, for His fire is burning in my heart. He has made Himself known to me, that I might be a witness for You to all the world. This is not an inconvenience for me, but a great honor to become Your messenger. It is my prayer, God, that people I reach will have the heart to listen to You. That their ears will be opened to receive the understanding that the Spirit of God has for their lives. I am only Your mouthpiece, but without the Spirit speaking truth to them, their conversion will never happen. Therefore, I rely on You, God! I pray that You will lead me by the hand in what I should be doing each day and every hour. That what I speak to people will not be of myself, but what is from You alone. Give me wisdom, oh Lord. Help me to walk in Your ways, that Your light will shine round about me and into other people’s lives. I only desire to be Your instrument for righteousness and to spread peace upon this earth. So help me along the way. Help me to stay healthy also, that sickness will not stop me from doing what You have called me in Your kingdom. I believe in You. You are our healer and I trust in You! I love You! I give You praise! Amen.
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