Today’s Prayer (11/23/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will not give in to their lusts any longer. That they will instead give into Your willpower in their lives. If You were to build us up in the faith, fewer people would be walking in willful sin and following You instead. And I know why this is happening and it is never Your fault, God. It is people’s selfish ambitions that keep them from following You. You wish that we would all come unto You in our humility, but our pride continues to get in the way of that. Even to the point of people justifying their sinful actions. This causes people to walk further and further from You until they are too far gone. This is why sin is abounding in the world we live in. People have made what is evil appear to be good and good to appear evil. Even we are ridiculed for walking in Your righteousness. People call us stuck up religious people or prideful when only we desire to have You in our lives and not an ounce of sin. How can people see that we are prideful when we only wish to live for You and to see more people be saved? As for me, I can’t stand the wickedness in this world any longer. It drives me nuts to see people watching certain things on TV, for it ruins the Spirit in me. Therefore, I am grateful that You have cut from my life, time spent watching TV. That I no longer desire to watch things that will only waste my time or cause me to stumble in the faith. Lord, You have also rescued me from a life of sin. Thank You. Even pornography is no more because You have cast that addiction from my heart. I am no longer tied to it, and even when tempted I am not given into such filth, for You are with me now. I have been given armor and a shield that will win every battle, as long as I have it on. Thank You Jesus for caring enough as to build me up with Your strength and courage. I have the boldness to share the gospel because You are with me now. I love You, Lord. I believe in You. Amen.
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