Today’s Prayer (11/12/2020)

Oh Lord, I come to You in worship and praise. I exalt Your great Name, Jesus. Thank You for coming into my life and for forgiving me a sinner. I was so far from You, but still, You had compassion upon me. Though my flesh is weak, You have made me strong. In my temptations, You built me up in Your armor, that I might fight against the enemy. I will no longer stand idly by while Satan has his way in me, but fight each day, each hour, and every minute for Your cause. No longer do I wish to grieve the Holy Spirit, for I only want to be in Your presence God. I want more of You and less of me. Have Your way in my life. Let Your will be done in everything I say and do. If I say and do anything, may it be for Your kingdom and not for my own self. And Lord, thank You for my family. Thank You for drawing us near each night in Bible study and prayer. We have grown in the Spirit as a family and long for Your coming. Yes, Jesus, we can’t wait to be raised up to be with You in the clouds. You are our God and to declare Your great Name brings me great joy. What a day it will be to be with You on this new earth and new heaven. Thank You for preparing a place for every believer. We are not worthy to be called Your sons and daughters, but because of Your mercy, we are drawn into Your fold. As adopted children, we give You thanks this day and forever. Keep our paths straight. Help us to walk in Your holiness and righteousness. Pierce our hearts to forgo every sinful way, in order to follow You completely. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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