Today’s Prayer (11/16/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will make a stand today to not get the COVID Vaccine when it comes out. More and more signs indicate that there will be a mark with it, in order to show that people are vaccinated. Which closely resembles the mark of the beast. Lord, I am using wisdom, as the Bible says, and I am seeing that this mark will cause people to not be able to buy or sell. We are already going through this with the mask mandate and times will only get worse. But one thing that we know for certain is that You are our protector. Even our fortress, whom we can put our trust in and go to for safety in times of uncertainty. But Lord, if it is needed for us to go through tribulation before we can finally rest in your presence I am ready. But please take me by the hand and help me through the pains and turmoil that is to come. Help me and others in the faith to stay strong and to continue to resist temptations, both small and great. Even the temptations that look to be so good on the outside, help us to rightly distinguish the fraud that it is. Even the Coronavirus vaccine, of which the news media is making out to be harmless. Earlier in the year in March, you brought it to my attention that a vaccination was coming. This happened even before it was spoken of and made known to the public. And praise God that You showed me the future to come. I could have come into this pandemic blinded with all the fake news, but You loved me so much as to show me how to prepare for it. And how do we prepare for a vaccine mandate and the mark along with it? We continue to pray. We continue to read the Bible. We continue to fellowship one with another. We continue to do the work of ministry that You have called us to. We will love our enemies as You have us called us to also. Lord, I am ready to die for You. My faith in You means more than any special privilege that may come with getting the vaccine, along with the mark. I love You more, Lord. I give you glory and praise. Amen.
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