Today’s Prayer (11/14/2020)

Oh lord, I pray that people will remember that we are called to put on the whole armor of God. We can’t be true believers and also be found living for our fleshly desires instead of You. This is like saying that people love their sin, like pornography, but still want to go church on the weekends. Unfortunately, people need to make a choice today. What side are they really on? For if we chose to follow You, then we would be built up in Your armor at all times and in all places. We would no longer be found in addiction, for You would be guiding our lives. We would be baptized into newness of life. So, Lord, I pray that You will raise up warriors in Your kingdom. People who are truly kingdom people and not just bystanders. Those who love You in their words and deeds. That our works will show forth because of our faith in You. We know that we are not saved through our works, but that our works are the fruits of our salvation. Help us, oh Lord. We know that we cannot do any good thing on our own part, so we need the Holy Spirit to strive within us. May we remember the importance of reading the Bible daily, along with praying often. Only through this can people be drawn to love for You. So much so as to choosing good Christian friends to be around. To limit their time on their phones, tablets, TV, and computers, so that there is ample time for You. Lord, as Christians, we don’t just desire to put You first, but we do so every minute of every day. We love You more than anything else. Our treasures are found in You and not this world. This world can take us down by way of sickness, persecution, financial issues, and death, but if we are saved, then we are happy. You make us happy and joyful above all else. I love You, God. Amen.
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