Today’s Prayer (11/24/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will find out where true joy is found in life. Not in the luxuries of this world, but what You bring into our life. Anything else besides You is temporary. We cannot find eternal happiness in the things we purchase for ourselves or gain as gifts from other people. It is fun and all to receive something new, especially when it is the cutting edge, but soon after we use it the effect wears off. Even do more things come out that are more feature-rich and our heart is now on those things instead. This is where we begin to covet what is not important. Lord, this is the society we live in. Technology is running ramped while causing many people to be financially burdened because of all the things they purchase. Even do people create long lists of items in their Amazon Wishlist, instead of creating long lists of things they wish to do for Your kingdom. How different would the world be if people were seeking daily what they could do for You, God, instead of the world? This would cause all the selfishness in people’s hearts to vanish away, while selflessness would start to take over the world. This is the type of society that ushers in Your love, where people are accepting of it more than anything else. Lord, this is the type of world I wish to be in, but I know that it can only happen this way if people in the faith step out in faith also. We cannot be keeping our belief in You to ourselves and expect anything in this world to change. So I pray for a revival to happen in people’s hearts. That they will begin to seek You first and treasure up the things of heaven. Then, will more of heaven come down to earth, while many people are blessed. I love You, God. I believe in You. Amen.

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