Today’s Prayer (11/05/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will be ready for Your return. Surely, the fruit of the vineyard is becoming ripe before our eyes. Therefore, Your second coming is becoming more evident every day. Even now I am watching and waiting for You. With all the energy of my heart do I seek Your hand in prayer and supplication often, that I may be in Your service when that day comes. You have done such a mighty work in my life and it is wonderful. Thank You, Jesus. I have guidance and direction because You have become so near to my heart. I love Your presence. To know that You are leading me by the hand brings me so much joy. I know that You love me because it is so evident by all fruit that has come forth. I do not boast in myself but boast in my God, who did everything through a person of faith like me. I am not good on my own terms, but only when You are with me. Then, there is goodness and grace that flows from You and into my life also. I am so grateful for Your mighty hand. It is so evident in my life and my family. As we read the Bible daily, I have seen such a great shift in our spiritual life. The verses have flown off the pages and into my heart. I cannot highlight enough of all the verses that You are giving me wisdom from. Thank You. It is in constant prayer that I have found You, Jesus. And in prayer time with my family, have they also grown in their faith. Praise God. I pray that more people will also be watchful in prayer in their lives. That they will give You what is necessary for the Spirit to flourish in their lives. We need more kingdom workers, and if people would just yield their lives over to You, then You could be doing so much more. I love You, Lord. I am waiting anxiously for Your return. So please come soon, my Lord, and King. Amen.

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