Hello People of Christ!

I am grateful to have been added by the one and only giga-Chad Paul! We met on Facebook (I know that website) I am blessed to have been given this opportunity by Paul and most importantly God to share Christian perspectives and knowledge on a Website with other Christians. I hope to be a positive influence on this website as Paul thinks I am. I mainly do Historical research on the Bible and World History to help piece together the real history of the world (6,000 years) #Evolutionisascam I am open to criticism on any of my articles I will be posting, note though most of the History goes against mainstream history and scientific societies.

I hope I get to share all my knowledge about anything interesting. I will mainly do articles on History and Biblical History and delving into the realm of conspiracies but with a biblical center through it all. Furthermore, I hope to be doing many articles in the next couple of weeks. This won’t be the last you hear of me.

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