Today’s Prayer (11/07/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will understand the importance of the cross. That they will come to a realization of all that You did for us, Jesus, and begin to praise Your holy Name. How often do people accept You into their lives, but it often only lasts a day. If they just comprehend all that You did for us while on the cross, they would give their whole life to follow You. People would fall down upon their knees in reverence, for You were pained for our transgressions. And the very fact that You did this for me, means everything. I now know that I have a God that truly loves me, which is You, Lord. You have not forsaken us, but gave us all a pathway to follow. My salvation is secure, for You are in my life now. I was once dead, but You gave me a new life. I was deaf, but I can hear from You now. I could not see the importance of the cross, but now I can see and it is the power of God in me. It is my prayer that more people will come unto You, Jesus, for salvation. That people will no longer stand idly by while others are saved but run to You. It is when we call upon Your Name is when mercy is available. I am so grateful for Your grace, God. How could You forgive a wretch like me? I will never understand why You still saw potential in me. I was so far gone into a life of sin, but You came and rescued me. Thank You, Lord. I owe everything that I am to You. You are the reason why I live and breathe in this life. Without You I am nothing. So come into my life every hour. Come and stay awhile and sup with me and my family. We love You and honor You. I give You great glory and praise. Amen.

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