Today’s Prayer (11/17/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will remember how important it is to be doing Your will now, not just in the past. How things done in the past are wonderful if You were involved, but that these thoughts should not make us think that our part is done in Your kingdom. For the time we think this way is when we will start to find time for other things. These things could be worldly in nature and even sinful at that. Lord, anything that is taking people’s time away from You needs to stop. I just don’t understand how people can be living for You one day and not the next. How can people allow themselves to go the way of the prodigal and start justifying their actions also. There will be a day and a time set forth for people who gave up their first love for things of this world. How their fleshly desires become more important to them than You. But this does not have to be the case for people. There is still time to repent and You are still gracious to forgive people who have fallen into sin. Our destination is not set in stone until either Your return or when we die and I pray that in either moment we will be found doing Your will. As for me, I will live my life for You. May there be less of me and more of You. May Your ways become my ways also. I love You, Lord. You are my God and I worship You. Amen.
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