Today’s Prayer (11/21/2020)

Lord, I pray that people will not be ashamed to tell others about You. Many times I have tried to ask people what they mean when they say they believe in You, however, the only thing I get back most of the time is that they are not interested. Their faith is private to them. And this does not make any sense to me, Lord, especially if these people are reading the Bible daily. Wouldn’t they know that You told us to not be ashamed to tell people about You? Sharing our faith is having fellowship with others, and it is a good thing. When people are telling others why they live for You and telling them why they believe in You, this encourages people in the faith. Only when people are not willing to talk to people who are sharing their faith, this only discourages them. Wow! I can’t believe how cold people have become when it comes to talking about their faith. It is like they don’t believe that You called us to open our mouths and share the gospel. I wonder if they don’t do this because they think it will start an argument with someone, but having this mentality is so wrong. People like this so often go in and out of church without talking to many people. They go in and out each week, but don’t understand what it means to go to church. We don’t go there for ourselves, but to be nourished by You in Your Word and also to be encouraged in the faith through our fellowship with others. I just wish people would see the importance of sharing their faith with others. I believe in You. I love You. Amen.
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