Today’s Prayer (11/22/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will repent and come unto You in their confessions. That people will no longer do things when it is convenient for them, but do things also when it is difficult. For how many times do we feel burdened and call upon Your Name for help, and You come to our rescue. But why can’t we do the same for others who are in need of our help? This is what makes no sense to me. I know that I was often this person, but You have delivered me from a life of sin and into a life of showcasing Your love to others. So it would make sense if people have not allowed You to transform their lives yet, that people would be acting so selfish towards people in need. How people put labels on homeless people, so they don’t have to give to them. Saying that they will only use their money for booze or drugs. How untrue this is for so many homeless who are simply hungry and needing some food. How they are in need of new clothes, shoes, coats, and more, but we cannot see past what we think to care for their needs. And not just them. Even our friends and neighbors do we disregard their need for help if we are in a rush or late a night. How people get inconvenienced by the littlest things, but then expect You to always give good gifts to them. I just wish that people would understand that we are Your chosen vessels on earth. And in so doing, we are to act with You being the head of our lives. If people would just allow this to happen, then that heart of generosity and charity would begin to form like no other. These inconveniences would vanish away, where more people would be helped instead. This I know, for You did this to me. Thank You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.
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