Today’s Prayer (11/27/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will go all-in when it comes to our faith. So many people are willing to do this when it comes to their job, but giving You there all often never happens. Again, I ask why people are so willing to do all that their boss asks of them in order to get a paycheck, but when doing the same thing for You, God, unto salvation, they cannot do the same. It seems to me that people have put things ahead of You in their lives. That studying up and doing things for their job is more important. Wow! I cannot believe how backward people’s faith has become in this world we live in. All You ask is for genuine faith out of people, but instead, they come to You in faith that is artificial and has no substance to it. Sure, people can open the Bible and worship You at church, but where does this same devotion go after leaving the church doors? And now that we are in a time where pastors are doing church via zoom, people are missing the church broadcast and justifying this as well. They may say that the time escaped them one week until the next week comes and it is forgotten altogether. Lord, how is it that people cannot find time for You when other things like their job, their phone, TV, and other things they seem to find time for? This makes no sense to me and leads me to believe as You said, God, that only a few people are saved. I can see it now that only a few people are actually Your disciple also. For who has put You first in their lives and hated the fact of putting anything ahead of You. Only a few people do this. And who is bearing their cross, while continuing to come to You in their trials? Again, this may be more people, but still very few. And lastly, I wonder who has decided to leave every false way, including willful sins, for Your sake? I know how important becoming Your disciple is, but I am afraid that people in our society have lost touch with what this means. So Lord, convict people of their sins today. Help them know how far they have strayed, that they may be drawn back to You in all their confessions. I believe in You. I love You. Amen.

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