Today’s Prayer (11/19/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that the anger in people’s hearts will cease. That people will give all their hatred over to You, that You will mend their hearts and not allow them to be given over to this same anger again. There are walls built up because of undone anger that is in people’s hearts. People attend and are a part of riots that only cause more evil to come into the world than any good. Because of people who are filled up anger, there is contention in homes and even verbal and physical abuse, which is so wrong. And with any sort of anger that is left within us, Your will is unable to take hold of our lives, that the Spirit may come to guide us. We are left alone to fight the battles, which we cannot find victory in. Yes God, this is not the life we wish to live. So take hold of our lives and help us to learn how to love one another. We cannot do this through our own flesh, but only if You are there with us. Lead us through the Holy Spirit, God. We cannot learn to truly forgive others unless every grudge is cast out. And help us learn to say sorry when we have done wrong. It is good to stay humble and not be lifted up in our pride. So bring into our lives meekness and humility. Give us over to a mind that is willing to learn and to take the rebuke from You and others. We know that we are not perfect, and are willing to take any wise counsel that is given. Help us to know the right way to live. Even the right way to treat others. May Your love abound in us at all times and in all places. I love You, Lord. I believe in You. I give You praise and glory and honor, this day and forever. Amen.

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