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Category: Prayers (09-2019)

Lord, I pray that people will make a decision now to follow You. And may this decision be permanent in their hearts and minds. So many people have walked for a time for Your cause, God, and have now went onto their own paths. The pride of their lives and laziness has kicked in and all of a sudden they don't have time for You. This truly breaks my heart to see people following You for a time and now living for their own selves. Do they not know that You are coming, of Lord? Truly, for us to be saved, we must be looking towards You in heaven and never let down our faith. It is when we stop seeking You is when our lives fall apart and sin enters in. How sad it is to see people living for the flesh and not knowing that they are in darkness. So Lord, I pray for conviction to come inside of these people's lives, that they may repent before it is too late. There is still hope for them. I hope to see more people saved before time is up. I know that You can lead me to these people that just need to be wakened, and then they will get back on the right path and follow You. Even the unbelievers can change their wicked way, once their hardened hearts are softened. So I pray that people will become humbled before You. May they come to know that there is a God of the heavens and that one day they will be judged by You. They need to know that heaven or hell awaits them, so that they more diligently live out their lives for You and not the world. So I pray for a breakthrough in people's lives. Light up their lives with the Holy Spirit, that they may be a blessing to those around them. I love You Lord. All I desire is to follow You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that more people will put their trust in You and start living out their faith, starting today. May they find rest in Your presence and overcome what is holding them back in the world. You are the one that can guard their heart from slipping back in sin, for You are able to hold us up when we are falling. It is Your will that nobody would perish, but have mercy and forgiveness in their lives. Sure, there are people that will never give ear to You because of their stubbornness and hard heart, but even some people like this have hope still. Just like You did for me, You can take them in their broken state and give them the peace that they need. Even though they have broken Your commands, all they need to do, Lord, is call upon Your Name and there will be strength given to them in that moment. You are so merciful and compassionate for our needs and these people will not even know what hit them when Your presence enters their life. They may not have room for You now, but after they experience Your abundant joy and happiness, their lives be much different. Just like I never had time for You, I now have all the time in the world to study the Bible and to pray. You are all I need now to be happy, God, and I know that many people have come to the same realization that I have. What You can bless us with is far greater than what the world offers. No matter the abundance of riches and lustful fulfillment, there is no comparison to the joy that I have found in You. It cannot be replaced by things that are temporary, for Your mercy endures and grace forever. I am a blessed man, because You are now a big part of my everyday life. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that every person in the Mormon faith will open their eyes to the truthfulness of the gospel. Open their hearts, that they may have eyes to see and ears to hear You. Take away the veil off of their faces and cast out all demonic forces out of their lives. Then, will they no longer be under the cloak of darkness and start seeking what is of God and not men. Surely, it is because of the false teachings in their church is why they don't understand You and the importance of the cross. It is foolishness to them, in the way that they downplaying it and lifting up Gethsemane instead. This is truly sad, oh Lord, since the gospel revolves around what You did on the cross and in the resurrection. They can't take away from it, without removing Your payment for our sins. There would be no forgiveness for what we have done wrong, if You, Jesus had not stepped in our place and died for us. Your Words are true that teach about the payment of sins on the cross and nowhere else. Anything that takes the place or adds to the cross is taking away the importance of what You have done, Lord. It very sad to see this and all the people that are led astray because of these false teachings, God. So cast out the evil spirits that is possessing the people in this false religion. Lead them out of this place and into a spirit filled church that teaches from the Bible and doesn't add or take away from it. As believers, we ought to be lifting up what You have said and not tearing it down. Surely, Your words are faithful and endure forever. No weapon formed against us can destroy them, for You are mighty. Thank You Lord for revealing the truth of the gospel to our hearts. We just ask that Your fire will come down upon these people and convict them of their sins and lead them to You. I love You, Lord. It is an honor to follow You. To read and study Your Words from the Bible is amazing. Thank You. I give You all the praise and all the glory. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people will wake up to their sins and repent. There are many different sins and addictions that will destroy a person's life, if they are not rescued from by You from it. There is surely a path of destruction ahead of them and what they need is a Savior. So come unto every person that is bondage and a slave to sin now. Cut them loose, that they may be delivered from the chains of darkness and experience Your most wonderful light. We are delivered in Your mighty Name, Jesus. Truly, Your blood is what washes us and sets us free from the lusts that have us bound. In Your compassion, You come to a person like me in sin and take us by the hand. We may have walked a life of pain and regret long enough, but Your peace is what they need now to find hope. So cast out the guilt and the shame in people's lives and and fill them up with Your love. Help them experience the greatest joy of all, which is the presence of the Lord and the Holy Spirit in their lives. It is when we are guided by Your hand is when we are safe. Our thoughts are tuned in unto You and we find deliverance from the enemy. Thank You for building us up, oh Lord, and leading us to safety. It is Your mighty power that leads sinners to repentance and we need Your conviction more and more in our daily walk. Help us to know if we are in the wrong, especially if it does not agree with You. Give us clean hands God, and a pure heart. Lift us up to honor You in the way we talk and live our lives. I trust in You and praise You, Jesus. I love You, my Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people of all the world will come to know You. Just like the day of Pentecost, I pray that the fire of the Holy Spirit will reign down upon these people. Give them words to speak and a path to follow. In our own flesh we are weak, but in the Spirit we are strong. Every temptation can have a stronghold upon our lives and lead us into paths of darkness, which is hard to escape. So Lord, lead us out of temptation and build us up with Your armor, that we might start resisting the charms and temptations of the enemy, starting today. Your ways are higher and can lead us out of a life of sin. The guilt and shame that people are experiencing, because of the bondage they are in, can only be broken with Your presence in their lives. It is my prayer that people will find a way out of their broken life and come to You for their fullness of joy. Only then can they be brought to know You and have Your truth in their lives. It is the fire of the Holy Spirit that leads us to what is true and Your Words in the Bible confirm this truth. Thank You Lord for giving us a way out of the darkness of this world and for leading us in Your light. I want more of You and less of me. As I go forth, may what I say and do be less about myself and more about You. I want all the world to know You, Jesus, as their personal Savior. So give me the words to speak to them. Fill me up with the Holy Spirit and allow Your fire to go forth in my life. Break the strong holds that are holding people back from doing the same thing for your cause. Only You can give us ears to hear and eyes to see. I love You Lord. I trust in You, God. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I am so grateful for the cross. Thank You for dying for our sins and paying the price for them that we couldn't. It is because of what You have done, is that forgiveness and mercy has been ushered into the world. There is no more need for animal sacrifices, but a sacrificial heart to You in faith. In our humility we come to You, because You are our Savior and King. Our confessions are drawn up, that You would make us whole. We know that we cannot get any better by doing our own things or listening to others, for we need joy and fulfillment that lasts. People can tell me about their paths in life, which may yield much money and wealth, but that is nothing compared to salvation in heaven. What You offer, the world cannot match. And the same goes for the lusts of the flesh. The things that we can find fulfillment through is never good, unless it comes from You. You are able to give us clean hands and a pure heart, which is what we need in life. This desire to follow You is able to lead us away from sin and unto Your light. Thank You Jesus for giving me new found direction on how to live out my life. I find great joy in my time with You in prayer, even when I repent I am always uplifted afterword's. You are able to see through my life and give me peace, even when it is hard to find. This is what we need more of. That is why I am honored to obey You and find enlightenment in Your Words, the Bible. May these words of scripture be upon my heart at all times, in order to shield me from the enemy. Lead me from temptation, oh Lord. I need Your armor in my life. I trust in You, God. I love You so much. Amen.
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Lord, my heart aches just thinking of the lost souls in this world. Truly, the majority of people have not made You a priority in their lives and are therefore, on a path to destruction. This terrifies me to think that even people that call themselves Christians are among them. They may have a zeal to know you one day at church, but every other day is a different story. And so is their faith. Lord, people do not know the danger they are in. They do not realize that while they are making time for themselves, they are only neglecting their chance at salvation. Sure, they may live a comfortable life, but when they die, everything will be different. I do not wish people that say they have faith in You to come before Your throne and be found guilty. Surely, a life apart from You would be terrifying. I would never want to spend my eternity without You Lord, and I wish that this was the desire of every person that says they are in the faith now. Give them a desire to know You, before it is too late. Our time is ticking away, every day that we live, and what will become of us when we die? Will we have come unto You before our last breath or denied that time we ought to have had in Your Words, the Bible, and prayer. I pray that people will make the choice today to believe in and follow You. And in following You, may they understand that this means knowing what You have said in Your words, the Bible, and obeying them. Your words are a lamp unto our feet and will become this way for anyone that desires to truly know You. I love You Lord. Your words are my delight and I love to honor You, through knowing them and obeying them. I trust in You, God. Amen.
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Lord, I pray that people will come to know You as their one true God, and no longer serve other idols in their lives. Surely, people have put their worldly things in place of You, where You should be the first person we go to in life. This is sad, as people now have doing good backwards, where their works are only good to men and not for You. They make up for themselves what they should be doing, instead of seeking Your hand to see if it is right. Therefore, their own instincts, apart from You, have led them astray into paths that don't lead to You. So Lord, if any of these people proclaim to be Christians, wake them up to their sins. Help them know what is right, that they may repent now before it is too late. Yes, Lord, people are far from You and don't even realize it. The evils of this world have a stronghold on these people's lives and until the Holy Spirit enters them, will they never know You. So I pray for Your fire to enter their lives. Stir within them the need to be made clean. In their broken state, may they call upon Your Name and find forgiveness. They need Your mercy now, as I do not wish to see any people that say they are believers go to hell. You are our Savior and have the power to save them and lead them to people in the faith that can help them. Help us all be a light to this lost generation and also to our fellow brothers and sisters in the faith. If any of them are having a hard time with their faith now, may they find courage through prayer, reading the Bible and fellowshipping with others in the faith. All we can do Lord, is to lead them to You. Then, will they discover the greatest joy of all. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that You will put Your Spirit inside of us now, that we may walk in Your holiness and no longer serve sin. I know how sorrowful my sins have made me over the years and they could never outweigh what appears to be good on the outside, with what is evil on the inside. I have surely come to know this over the years, Lord, and no longer wish to be tied down in sin of any kind. The guilt that comes from it is too heavy to bear, and therefore, I ask that You become a shield to me from the enemy. Lead me and any other person that is being tempted and tried right now, into Your light and out of the darkness. We don't wish to be under the cloud of the evil one any longer, but in Your arms forever. We understand that the world we live in is full of darkness, but we can shine bright before those that are lost, that more light will come in. Never will we be able to banish all the darkness, but how amazing would it be oh Lord, if more people decided to stand up in faith for Your cause. Surely, a royal army would be made, as the Holy Spirit is upon us all. So let us walk in faith and do as You command. If there is any sin in my life or a person's life that desires to follow You, convict us of these sins that we may become Your holy vessels. Surely, our bodies are Your holy temple, and I wish that my life and others will demonstrate this on a day to day basis. My time to follow You and to worship You is not just at church, but every day. You are my rock and my salvation. I'd rather have Your presence in my life than any of the luxuries of this world, for You are my greatest delight and I love You more than anything. May there be less of me and more of You. I trust in You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people will come to know You through Your words in the Bible and through prayer. Help them be convicted of any of their sins, that they may walk in Your light. It is one thing to read and hear Your Words, but another thing to obey them. So give us all a greater desire to obey You and be made clean through Your blood, Jesus. Wash us of any iniquity that is still in our lives. We are sorry Lord for keeping these things with us and we give it all to You today. Doing Your will is more important than any lustful desire in our hearts. We don't wish there to be continual guilt and shame in our lives, but Your hope that builds us up. So we come to You in all our brokenness, that You may heal us. Give us clean hands and a pure heart. Fill us up with the Holy Spirit, that we may walk in Your ways. And lead us Lord always. Help us do what You desire and not our own flesh. We are tired of doing things that You hate and want these things expelled from our lives. So cleanse us now. Give in us a new heart and a willingness to serve You. With all our heart, mind, and strength, do we love and honor You. All the praise and glory to Your mighty Name. Whatever You would have for our lives, we will do it. Give us the boldness to share Your truths of the gospel to others. Plant within our hearts Your Words from the Bible, and whatever else You wish to teach us through the Spirit. We wish to be Your witnesses, for we are not ashamed of what You did for us on the cross. Because You bled and died, Jesus, we have forgiveness of sins. And because You were raised from the dead, we have newness of life. Thank You Lord. You are our Redeemer and our King. Amen.
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Lord, I am so grateful to know You through Your Words in the Bible and through my time in prayer with You. For You have heard my cries and helped me along the way. I did not need to recite a special prayer to You, but simply pour out my heart to You for answers. You have come to my rescue so my times and have answered my questions. I have learned that You are our Father and desire to help us more than any other person on earth. You know our needs better than anyone else, and therefore, what You have to teach us is gold and cannot be replaced. People can try to replace You with their interactions with them, but what You have to say is so much more valuable. I don't have to wonder if I am doing what is right, when Your presence is over me. I don't have to worry if I am on the right path, for You are leading me in it. You have an answer to all my questions, for none of my concerns are smaller than another. You can see through my situation and help me through it, the best way possible. Truly, the world can try to help us along the way, but there is always hurdles and darkness that will prevail in our lives. You never prescribed this life to be difficult, but joyful. There is much peace, when You are working in our lives. It is especially good when You hear our confessions and forgive us as sinners. No more are we wracked by the guilt and shame in our lives, of which the devil puts upon us, for You have lifted us out of the bondage we are in. We can easily be driven to walk in a lot of directions, because of temptation, but with Your hand leading us, we are able to walk safely past them and into green pastures. Thank You Lord. I love You so much. It is so much better now to not be tied down to a memorized prayer, but to just pour out my heart to You. You do listen to me. I am special and have become Your child. For this reason do I not only love to ask You different things, but to also give You thanks and to praise You. You deserve the highest praise of all, for no one is like You. Amen.
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Gracious Lord, I love You. You are my God and I honor You. Thank You for hearing my prayers and having mercy upon my soul. I cried out to You in all my brokenness, and You comforted me. I was lonely and You put Your arms around me and helped me know that things will get better. I may have lost hope because of the sins in my life, but You still took me in. I was not cast aside like others have done to me, but You lifted me up and had compassion for my soul. What a great God you are to see me in my sorrowful state and wipe away my tears. I may have had plans to improve my life, but this became a reality when You started to lead me. I could only do so much for a time, until I fell back into my sins once again. So to have the Holy Spirit lead me and help me overcome my addictions is what I needed. Thank You Lord. If it wasn't for Your hand in my life, I would still be living in my old flesh and continuing to stumble. I would be walking in uncleanness, lusts, covetousness, among other things. But now, just the thought of being disobedient to You is terrible. I would not be a true believer if I just did the opposite of what You've said. Therefore, I come to You daily, in order to be filled up in the Spirit. Put upon me Your characteristics of goodness and love. I wish to bless others as You have blessed me. I wish to forgive the same as You forgive me when I sin. So humble me, that I may be used for Your kingdom. Temptation is strong, but Your will is stronger. Give me ways to escape the enemy, that I might live in Your light. I love You Lord, and for this reason do I obey You. Your words are a lamp unto my feet and I can never learn enough from You. Lead me and guide me Lord. I trust in You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray for every member of the Catholic Church. May they wake up to the idolatry in the church and in their lives and leave that that false religion today. Your ways are higher than the traditions of men and their pagan worship, and true worshipers ought to worship You, and You alone. To truly love You and keep Your commandments, we need to identify with each of Your laws and write them upon our hearts. We cannot have only nine of them, but all ten commandments. Even everything You taught us, Jesus, we ought to know Your teachings and do what You have said. Otherwise, we are only following something or someone that will never save us. Without Your mercy, our lives are in danger of hell fire and damnation when we die. For only believing in and worshiping You, Lord, is for salvation. We can never come to You with idols still present in our lives, and think that we are in good standing with You. Therefore, I plead that You remove any idol thing from my life still and from any person's life that says that You are their Lord. To make You the King of our lives is also a pledge to not bow down to any idol thing, even if it appears to be good on the outside. To worship You is without any forms of idolatry, for that is how You prescribed it from the beginning. Thank You for teaching us how to pray, Jesus, that we may come to know You in prayer and by reading Your words daily. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that the preaching of the cross will become meaningful in people's lives. May people understand that because of what You did for us, Jesus, that we have forgiveness of sins. Thank You God. In our confessions, Your mercy is extended upon us. What a great gift! You suffered for our sins, so that we don't have to in death. Wow, Praise God. Our life has purpose because of the pains You put upon Yourself for us. It is because of Your great love, that we can walk a new and not have to be held back because of our past. You have wiped the slate clean for everyone that believes in and follows You. All I can say is thank You Lord. And because of the resurrection, we have this newness of life. This hope leads us to walk differently and talk differently. We are no longer doing our own things, but are led by the Holy Spirit, in the ways that are righteous. It is because of Your presence, Lord, that are faith is alive and well. We aren't simply believers, but people that love You and honor You though our daily walk. To read the Bible daily, pray often and to do as You command is what we desire most. Your ways have become our ways and we cannot get enough of You. We want more and more of Your joy in our lives and less of the world. We want to have Your love with us always and proclaim it to others also. And because You have saved us from a life of sin and raised up into new life, we know that anyone can be saved. Your mercy and compassion see's through our wickedness and gives us potential for today and tomorrow. I love You Lord. Your gospel message is true. To learn from and teach about the cross is the power of God. It is my prayer that people will come to know this and leave any false gospel behind. Your salvation is worth leaving any false sense of security in this life behind. Thank You for leading me out of darkness and into Your light. It was worth it. Amen.
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Oh Lord, You are too good to us. We don't deserve Your great love, but You continue to show it to us each day that we pray and read the Bible. As we draw near unto You, Your mercy is for us, and there is no more guilt and shame, but forgiveness. Thank You God for Your compassion. So often do we do our own things and forget You, but You continue to convict us of our sins, that we would repent. This You do to draw us in from the world. You desire so much to save us, it is just our stubbornness that gets in the way of being saved. I am just so grateful that You never give up on me. You can see through the live that we are living right now and can see our potential, like You did mine. For this reason do You continually come to us in dreams, visions, prayer, the Bible, and through people, in order to wake us up to the state of destruction that we are in. You don't desire anyone to be sent off to hell, but these people are the ones that reject You. Your mercy was for them, but they didn't need or want it. Oh, how sorrowful this is when people think they are Ok in life, when really they need a Savior to help them. Surely, nobody can be safe in their current state, without The Holy Spirit guiding them. Lord, these people that neglect You for the things of this world are so confused and I pray that they will wake up to their sins and repent. As You don't wish for them to perish, I also don't wish any person to have to suffer in the lake of fire, one day. So I pray that more people will experience Your great mercy and join You and me in heaven forever. Surely, the Holy Spirit can lead us to You Lord and I pray that more people will be able to receive it. Then, will the lost be saved and come and be a part of Your Kingdom, oh Lord. I love You God. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people will make the right decision to believe in and follow You, before their life is over. I do not wish to see my family and friends go to hell, when they had a choice to pray and confess their sins to You. You are so good to us all and Your mercy is never ending. For that reason, people just need to be humble enough to poor their hearts out to You and Your forgiveness is given. Thank You Lord. Thank You for taking our sins upon Yourself and paying the price for them on the cross. It is because of what You have done, that we are cleansed by Your blood. Every wicked way is destroyed in our lives and You put us on the holy path when we believe. Thank You for responding to our needs and giving us so many chances, when we don't deserve it. Your mercy does endure forever and I am an example of a person that You have extended Your great mercy and compassion to. In my sins, I neglected my opportunity to repent so many times, but You stuck with me until time was ready. In my brokenness, You heard my cries and came to my rescue. I needed a Savior and knew that only You could save me. I love You Lord. I am so blessed to be set free from my addictions and have the Holy Spirit in my life. Now, my desires are not to give into the flesh, but to give into the Spirit. Your needs are most important and I wish to always do Your will above all else. Doing what is righteous brings me the greatest joy of all. I love to see others blessed by Your mighty hand, oh Lord. Thank You for coming into my life and using me for Your kingdom. I trust in You God. Amen.
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