Today’s Prayer (09/09/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to understand how dark and evil these video games that kill people, Halloween, and horror movies are. Surely, by partaking in these things are they inviting Satan in their lives and not You. While they walk in darkness, they are only inviting evil Spirits to take them over. Therefore, people that are partakers of such things need Your deliverance. May they turn from their wicked ways and repent in Your holy Name, Jesus. You have the power to wake them up from their slumber, that they may start doing things that are pleasing in Your sight. Help these people find salvation and a way out of the wicked lifestyle that they made for themselves. You are our good shepherd and I pray that people will hear Your voice and come unto You. I know that every person that is Your elect will hear You and follow You. They will no longer care for things that are dark in nature, or having anything that has killing involved with it. Instead, they will put these things away, once and for all, and go all in for You, Jesus. I pray that we will no longer fellowship with those in darkness and not participate in going out to horror movies and haunted houses. You are able to give us courage to resist such invitation, and instead stand up for Your cause. And when Halloween comes, our desires will only be to witness to the lost and no longer participate with those people in darkness. I love You more than all things Lord. Thank You for showing me the way and leading me from darkness and into Your light. It is my prayer now that I may have more You in my life and less of me. Cast out any sin in my life and others that grieve the Spirit and cause us to walk away from You. I love You Lord. Rescue others that are ready now, as You have rescued me. Amen.
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