Abortion Laws Are Abolished Vision

It was yesterday, on Tuesday, that I had a vision about abortion. I was driving to work like I normally do when God opened my eyes to see something that would happen in the future when it comes to abortion. And here it is… That there will be a day when abortion is no more. That the Roe vs. Wade court case would be looked at again and thrown out because of all the issues. Even the laws that allowed abortions in the USA were soon removed in the aftermath of this decision. Therefore, abortion was illegal in many states and others soon after. And at this point, I saw people who were very upset to the point of causing riots in the streets. Even places that used to do abortions no longer allowed it anymore. People who were interested are now told to leave and go home. Now, Christians were very happy. Even so much that they fell down upon their knees and thanked God. Tears were flowing down their faces, because of how grateful they were. People were saying, “Thank You, God. Finally, no more babies will be killed.” It was then that God showed me something further in the future. I saw people comparing all the abortions that once happened to all the millions of Jews that were killed because of Hitler in Germany. How people were brought to tears because of all the millions of babies that were killed by the knife in abortion. There were memorials setup up for all the babies killed. And although people were very sad because of what once took place, these people were happy that the killings finally ended. This is when the vision closed.

I can’t tell you when these events will take place, for I saw people in the vision that I had never seen before. Nobody in my family, including me, wife, kids, and friends, were in this vision. It did seem like it was years ahead of this time for sure. Now, although I cannot speculate when all this will take place, it tells me when to act now to stop abortion. So come together as Christians and take a stand against abortion today. We will never see the end of this slaughter if we dont do something about it. And here are some ways this can happen. Make sure you are voting for the right candidate for president, governors, and others. And the only party that I know of that is pro-life and against abortion are Republicans. Therefore, remember to vote Republican during elections. If we don’t, people who are for abortion will make it even more widespread and start allowing more late-term abortions in more states, which is terrible. Another thing you can do is start online petitions that you can send to your governor, which has thousands of signatures from people in your state. These are people who oppose abortion laws. Also, a rally at the courthouse with signs on the topic of abortion would also be great. We do all this peacefully, not as rioters. Simply put, we go there to stop the slaughter of abortion and to stand up for God’s law which says, “thou shalt not kill”. (Exodus 20:13) Now, if we say or do nothing, then necessary changes may not occur in our lifetime.

Let us pray:
Oh Lord, thank You for showing me things in the future. Only You could bestow a gift of prophecy unto me. Even on Tuesday, You showed me things from the future, and I give You the glory. Thank You for opening my eyes to see what was to happen. From this last vision, I can confirm that You are heading this march against abortion, and just need people who are willing to stand up against it. You can see my stance when it comes to this issue and wanted to reassure me that there will be a day when things are much different. If this day happens when You return, I do not know. All I know is that in the future, abortion laws will no longer stand. Thank You, Jesus. I am so grateful to know that there will be a day when all the millions of babies who are killed will finally end. Surely, only through Your mighty hand in good Christian lives can this take place. There is so much wickedness upon the land right now, but this does not have to be the end all be all. The times we live in can get better, but we must have faith. Sure, we are in a pandemic that doesn’t seem to want to end, but even that can end because You are the head of all things. By one word from You, God, can all the pestilences come to an end. Even through individuals in the faith, You can elevate our voices so that our stance against abortion, and other issues, makes a big difference. We cannot live this life alone and expect mountains to be moved, but with You in our lives, all things are possible. Even laws can be removed and made illegal that are called legal now. I believe in You, God. You can do great and mighty things through people who believe in You. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

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