Today’s Prayer (10/27/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will get out and vote next Tuesday. That they will not let their vote be uncounted, for we need to stand up for what is right in this nation. People should be ashamed that they are for abortion and that this law still stands. How the LGBTQ movement is now widely accepted, even in schools, which is ridiculous. That Black Lives Matters has grown so big that even stadiums have their logo plastered all over them, along with their jerseys. That they say they are for Black Lives, but in reality, they are causing more riots than ever before. While giving homosexuals a stronger voice in the community. This is so wicked, and I can’t believe there are even Christians out there that support these things. Oh, how my soul is disgusted by how evil this world has become. Surely, God, we are living in a time that far surpasses what took place in Sodom and Gomorrah, and how the people were like before Noah’s flood. The people were so far against You then and they are back with force today. Lord, I just wish the people would learn their lesson from the past and repent! We can’t keep walking in darkness and feel like we are saved. Only through Your blood that was shed for us on the cross, can we find forgiveness and mercy. And only You can take the blindness away from people’s eyes, that they might see the destructive path they are on. Surely, there will be a day that all the wicked will be judged and thrown into the lake of fire, but I pray that more people will be saved from this torment. And Lord, help people make the right choice and vote back into the presidency, Donald Trump. I believe in You, God. I love You. Amen.

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