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Category: Prayers (2019)

Oh Lord, I am grateful to know You and to learn from You each day. It is truly an honor to believe in the God of the heavens and earth. Your name is holy and I give You the honor and praise. There is no one like You. Your mercy endures forever, even though we don't always deserve it. Thank You, God. Every day that I seek You, You lift me up and give me the strength to carry on. I may be weak in the flesh, but in the Spirit I am strong. You see me in my brokenness and fill me up with Your peace. The world cannot even compare with the good things You have prepared for my life. I am tired of feeling guilty because of sin and am grateful to be on Your path of righteousness. I don't have to worry about being shameful, for You light up my life and my path ahead of me. I have no need to fear the enemy or death, for You are by my side, and I am happier than ever. To die in Your arms would be an honor and what I hope for. It is my prayer, Lord, that more people will come unto You this day. And help these people that do to desire Your will for their lives, instead of their own. Then can You may cleanse them from the inside out, as You have cleansed me. For them to be sanctified by Your blood is life-changing, and therefore, I wish everyone could experience it. Then could You use them, as You've used me, for Your kingdom. I don't wish to keep this love to myself, but share it with others. I love You, Lord. All the praise and glory to Your holy Name. Amen.
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Lord, my heart burns for You. All I want to do is praise You, God. Nothing in this life is more valuable than having Your presence with me. For that reason, all I need is You and my joy is fulfilled. The world cannot give me what I need, for I need more than temporary pleasures of the flesh, but love that never ends. Yes, God, You are my Deliverer, my Redeemer, my Savior, my Rock, my Firm Foundation, my Lord, and my all. How merciful, forgiving, caring, comforting, kind, loving, good, selfless, compassionate, are You, God, and much more. Truly, there is no one like You on the earth and the heavens. My faith is alive now because You are apart of it. I am not left alone, for I am guided each day that I seek You. You continually fill me with Your love, because of Your goodness and grace. It is with much appreciation for what You do in my life daily that I bow down and worship You. I give You the highest praise and am willing to do all things in Your mighty Name, Jesus. Be it unto me according to Your Word. I am ready to go out in the harvest and serve You. With all my heart, mind, and strength, do I love and cherish You, Lord. May this love flow from me and onto all people that I encounter. Then, can Your holy commandments be fulfilled in me and others that walk in their faith, while blessing others also. I love You, God. Thank You for coming down to save us from our sins. I give You the glory and honor, Jesus. Amen.
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Come, Lord, I pray. Hear the intents of my heart now, for it is troubled. I do love You and honor You with not only my lips but with my deeds, so hear my prayer today. You are my God and I pray that others will also lift You up high. Tear out of their wicked hearts every vile and wicked thing, then can they come and worship You as they should. May there be no more willful sins or lies remain in their lives. Instead, cause them to be convicted of such things, that they may come humbly to You in all their confessions. Yes, God, my heart aches this time of year because of all the lies in this world. It is all over TV and everywhere we go that kids should believe in Santa Clause, and tell him what is on their hearts, instead of You. And what the world is using to entice families is very subtle, but very damaging also. For their children's beliefs are all messed up now, because of one little lie. Oh Lord, this is so sad and I pray that families that truly believe in You will give up on such vain traditions of men for Your cause. May they no longer live for what the world wants to lead them into thinking, but what You want to teach them through the Holy Spirit and through Your Words in the Bible. Truly, the best things that we can think about this time of year is Your birth, Jesus, and not a man and his workshop that does not exist. You are what is real and what we can rely on to show us the way. I love You, Lord. You are my God and I am grateful to serve you. All the praise and honor to Your holy Name. Amen.
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Oh Lord, my King, I love You so much. I come at Your feet now and worship You. I give You all the glory, all the power, and all the praise to You, my dear Savior. Because You came, Jesus, into this world, there is a new light that shines brightly. We are not left alone, for You are here to lead and guide us safely home to Your presence on high. We have peace in this life because You brought peace into this world at Your birth. Gloria in Excelsis Deo, my heart sings out to my Lord and my God. In the name of Jesus do I sing out to You. Thank You, God, for coming down to this earth to save us from our sins. There is so much joy in my life now, for You have made my life joyous in every way. You have taken my sorrows away and replaced those feels of doubt with Your peace. My burdens are undone, for You have filled me with Your love. Thank You, Lord. To think of Your birth makes me so happy. I can't stop beaming from head to toe, because of what You have done for me and all people that believe in You. Goodness cannot even describe the type of person You are. You are more than good, but gracious, kind, compassionate, forgiving, merciful, loving, humble, gentle, patient, obedient, honest, self-controlled, and prayerful. These are the types of qualities I wish I could have, therefore I abide In Your love always. May I be an example of Your love for all people, young and old. I wish to bless others as You have blessed me. Thank You for rescuing me. You are the greatest part of my life now. I love You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, my God, I am so humbled to call upon Your Name. I've been thinking of Your birth and I am so grateful. Thank You for coming down to earth, in order to save us from our sins. We would be lost if You had never came. I am so grateful to know that the God I serve did come as prophesied of. You were the answer to the prayers of the people of Israel for centuries and are now the answer to the prayers of every Christian. Thank You Lord for coming down and rescuing us from a life of sin. What You did for us on the cross gives meaning to my life and others. I no longer have to live in fear, for You have forgiven me of my sins. There is no more guilt or shame, because You have came and filled me up with Your love. My sadness has turned into gladness, for You have saved me. My soul is now uplifted, because You are here with me. Thank You God. My life is now on course. I have a light ahead me and the Holy Spirit is my guide. May You always be with me and never leave my side. Convict me of my sins, that I may repent. I don't want to grieve the Spirit, but to walk in Your holiness. So fill me up with Your righteousness, that I may be Your hands and feet upon this earth. I love You Lord. All the praise and glory to Your great Name. I am amazed at everything You have done for me. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people will decide today to give themselves to You fully. May they no longer put one foot in Your kingdom and the other in the world. I know that to live our lives for You, we must be more than talk, but also walk the walk. And help us all to prioritize our time better each day, that we may find ample amount of time to read the Bible, pray, and to serve You with our whole hearts. The devices now-a-days have taken many people away from You, and I pray that they may return to You once again. Sure, there are good things that come with TV, our phones and computers, but there are also many evil things that go with them as well. One thing that I know of, Lord, is that they are addicting. Once a good show comes on, then we want to watch the entire season. And once our favorite sports team starts playing, we don’t want to miss seeing any of their games. Even apps on our phones have become a hit for people, where they can't stop playing and talking about them. And when was the last time that they opened the Bible and acted this way, God? What I see here are people that are excited for things that the world gives them, instead of being excited for what You can lead them to do. This is really disturbing and I pray that there will be a breakthrough in people's lives, before their time is up. Otherwise, they will have gotten the joy they wanted in those things and then be disappointed when they face You in judgment. Lord, I know that only the things that You offer me has true joy in it. I also know that salvation can only come from You, Jesus. Therefore, I give You my whole heart each day, for other things deprive me from Your presence. I love You God. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that everyone that desires to be saved will come unto You today. May they desire to walk apart from the darkness, that You may guide them in Your light. Only when You give us eyes to see are we able to do what is righteous and stop doing what is evil in our own eyes. Truly, our sins are what weigh us down and keep us from following You, and I pray that if anyone is under bondage now because of an addiction, that You will cast it out in Your mighty Name, Jesus. Though they may be afflicted because of such things now, I know that You have the power to deliver them from the sins that they have committed. So convict them of what they did was wrong, that they may come humbly to You in prayer, in all their confessions. I pray that it may be sincere and that they may come unto You for a refreshing of the Holy Spirit in their lives. What You did for us on the cross is so powerful, since any person can be saved because of it. Because You paid the price for our sins, Lord, those that follow You and do as You say are saved. This can't be any better scripted. What a great God You are. I was so unworthy when I called upon Your Name for salvation. I was broken and tattered because of the sexual sins I had committed. Then, as I raised my voice to the heavens and cried out to You, Lord, You heard me. I was not left alone to suffer, because of my guilt and shame, but You rescued me. You took me by the hand and carried me out of the old life I was in and placed me on the right path. Only You could redeem a lost soul like me. Thank You, Lord. I owe all to You. May there be more salvations and many more souls be saved. To declare Your great Name and showing love to others brings me the greatest joy of all. Truly, You know that I love You and care for You with all my heart. I praise You, God. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I am so grateful for everything You have done for me, my family, my friends, and all those people that You have brought into my life over the years. Thank You also for hearing my prayers and for blessing and healing those people that were in need. Surely, the day that You came into my life, You have not left me, but have been there every day to lift up my burdens, that they may be light. I have not had to worry about my life getting to difficult, for there has always been peace and joy through Your presence. I may have been sick and had different things go south, but You have always been the person I needed to cry unto for mercy and healing. Thank You for leading me out of the darkness and for bringing me into Your light. Because You are near me, I don't have to worry about addictions and bad habits creeping back into my life. This is because You have kept the enemy far from me, and for that I am very appreciative. My family has been doing so good over these past few years and You were the only one that could supply such happiness. Thank You so much for bringing good health to my wife and kids. I may be sick right now, but I know that You will heal me in Your own timing. I just pray that more people will think on You this day and forever. May they remember the good things You have done for them also. Thank You, Lord, for the cross. Because of Your payment for sins, I am forgiven. There is mercy because of your kindness and compassion. What a wonderful God you are. No one is like You. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people would be willing to put off anything in their lives that is holding them back from You. More specifically, I am speaking of sins, addictions, and unforgiveness. Convict these people of the things that they need to work on, that they may come boldly to the cross and follow You, Jesus. I know from experience, as You know also, that while walking in darkness, I am unable to do as You say. It is always my own desires getting in the way. What I think is right always gets in the way of living the right way that You have prescribed for me. Therefore, I am so grateful that You have rescued me while taking me out of the life of sin I was in. You also heard my cries and had mercy for my soul. Thank You for showing such kindness and love for my life. Though I was not able to forgive and show the same mercy to others as You did for me, I was amazed that You still had compassion for my life. Instead of judging me because of where I was, You saw the potential in my life. I may not have had the capacity to let go of my barriers then, because of fear, but because of Your great love for me, all those walls have been torn down in Your mighty Name, Jesus. Thank You, Lord. There is no more fear, but boldness in my life now for others and Your kingdom. There are no more hard feelings towards anyone that has hurt me but only love for them. I am able to forgive because You forgave me first. What a great God You are. I was lost and You found me. There was not much going for me, but You picked me up and showed me the way. If I am anything and have accomplished things now, it is because You dwell in my life. I owe all to You, Jesus. My life is yours. I am so happy now, and it is because Your love dwells with me. Thank You for filling me up with Your joy. I love You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray for restitution in the lives of people that have been lied to and to those people, whom their names have been slandered wrongfully. Truly, there crimes and punishments were in vain and unnecessary, but the person who lied to them didn't care for their well-being. This is so sad, Lord, and I pray that people that were affected by such people will find joy once again in Your presence, their family, their friends, and church member's lives. May there be people in the faith that will come to their side and help them in whatsoever they can. We all know people who are suffering, and I pray Lord, that people will be moved to do something nice for them. Just because there is hardship in their life now, I know there can still be peace and a restoration in their lives, because of Your great love for us all. Sometimes we have to go through trials in life, and in the end, it only helps us deepen our walk with You, Jesus. I know that we don't wish to see family members go out and make bad decisions that then affect our own family, but I know this happens more than we wish for, God, because people have free agency. Even though we hope people would choose to follow You and do what is right, we cannot force their hands. All I can do, Lord, is lead them to You and pray that they will repent before it is too late. Now, Lord, I am also sorry for telling my wife little lies over this last week. I know this is uncalled for, even if I say I am kidding afterwards. So I pray that You will also change my heart, that I might better serve You and do Your will. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people will do justly with their money, for Your sake. Too many people are spending it on things they do not need, while those that are in need suffer because of their wrong choices. What is really sad is to see people try to earn as much money as they can, while still not doing anything for the homeless, their churches they attend in tithing or offerings, or simply looking outside themselves, in order to see and give to those that are more in need than themselves. Truly the world would be a better place if we all loved You more than money. Then, would our desires be less for ourselves and more for the building up of Your kingdom, and to giving to those less fortunate. Instead of heartache, depression, and divorce, that is caused by financial issues, all this could be fixed if people were more content in what You gave them and less of what the world offers. Thank You, Lord, for teaching me this and for helping me remember that seeking You first is the most important thing for my life. It is because with Your presence I am strong, but without Your presence, I am left alone, while making the worst decisions I can possible. I don't wish to be unhappy, but money and having more treasures because of it is what does this to me. Oh, the hardships this has put on my family, because of my selfish purchases. I am so sorry Lord. I don't wish to have my family suffer any longer because of what my flesh desires. Instead, I hope and pray that I will be content in what I have and give what I do not need to those in need. May this good desire, that only comes from You, stick with me in my heart for all my life. For all I need is You now, Jesus. I love You more than any earthly treasure. I believe in and trust in what You can do for my life for salvation. Thank You for your guidance. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that more people will endure in the faith. That once they make the decision to believe in You, Jesus, that they will not back down, but go all in for Your kingdom and Your glory. Then, can You continually be with them, as You are with me, while lifting up their hopes, which come from heaven above. You have the power to break us free from all sin and addiction in our lives, while cleansing us from within. We don’t have to be a slave to sin any longer, but a willful follower of what You have spoken and are continuing to speak to us now. Thank You for Your holy words in the Bible. They are refreshing to my ears and are like pure honey to my taste. I am so blessed to be filled with what You have spoken in scripture. Thank You for allowing Your Words to be in my heart and in my mind. Because of this, I am at peace now, and can rest in Your promises that come from above. All I want is more of You and less of my own desires, which only lead to death and destruction. My soul sings hallelujah to Your great Name, oh God. I am amazed at Your love for me. Thank You, Lord. May there be more people that will experience Your love before they die. Then, will they know as I know that only You have the power to save us from hell, and raise us up into newness of life on this earth and in heaven. I love You, Lord. Only You could save a wretch like me. Into Your arms will I dwell forever. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that more people will come unto You and find strength in Your presence. They may be weak now because of temptation, but all this has no match to Your protection that You will give them. Because You are our rock and our strong tower, we can do all things in Your great Name. Even mountains can be moved, because You are victorious in all things. Addiction has no match to Your power. All this bondage, because of sin, is cast out in Your mighty Name, Jesus. We are able to find rest for our souls, because You are able to win the battle of sin that is raging within us. The payment has already been made for sin on the cross, and we give You thanks. So we come to You now with all our cares and burdens at Your feet, Jesus. Hear our cries and have mercy for souls. We are sorry for our sins and confess that we need You, Lord. You are the only person that can save us from a life of sin, and who can tear all the filth from our lips and our hearts. We give it all to You, Lord. You know what is wrong with our lives and how it can be mended. So take us now and breathe new life into us. Give us a new heart, that we may walk in Your light and serve You, our Lord and our God, whom we love. Give us new desires, that we may not only love You, but our neighbors also. I pray that our intentions will be for those that are in need, and for every lost soul in this world. Give us boldness to pray with them, witness to them, feed them, clothe them, and to care for them as You care for us. I love You, Lord. I live this life to follow You, Jesus. Wherever this life takes me, You will be my light, for I believe in You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I love You and give You the highest praise. Thank You for saving a wretch like me and leading me out of the darkness of this world. Because You are now with me, there is light and light abundant. I can never get tired of having You in my life and being led away from sin. Truly, You have built me up with Your armor, that I may no longer fall willfully into sin. Thank You Jesus. Where I once was with the world in the way I thought about things, now I know how wrong I was, for You have given me understanding. I now know that babies are precious in Your sight. That abortion is evil and that You hate this vial act, as I do now also. It pains me to the very core of my being to know that innocent lives are being killed each day. Lord, let these killings stop in Your mighty Name. Convict these women who are doing such evil and vial acts, that they may repent and come out of the darkness and into Your light. May they listen to Your witnesses and wake up to follow You. I also pray for those people in the homosexual community. Truly, as people that abort their unborn children, these people are also filled with evil spirits. So it is my prayer that everything evil inside of them will be cast out, that Your light might enter them also. Lives can change, but they must first come unto You, Jesus, and then You can do the rest. It is my prayer that every worker of iniquity will get right with You before it is too late. And help Christians all over the world to come together in the unity of the faith. That we might be a light unto the world, starting today. That we will stand against abortion and homosexuality, while leading these people that are for it, to know what Your Word has said. Then, will You be able to open their eyes, that they may see. Thank You Lord. I believe in You. I trust in You with my whole heart. I love You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that our desires will be in line with Your own. Help our minds be focused on what comes from above, and not what the world offers. Only You can help us find the way to eternal life and happiness in this life. Otherwise, there are only man-made replacements that always bring sin and much guilt, which brings us sadness and grief. Surely, Lord, there is nothing that lasts in this life apart from Your love. I've tried all the many things the world says is good, but never found joy that lasts in those things. Sure, there was joy in the moment, but always shame in the end. Even my treasures were never good enough and I always needed something newer and better that could replace those things. What a mistake I made by following my own heart and not giving into Your will. To think of all the money wasted in those things brings tears to my eyes. I missed out on many blessings than and I am so sorry. Thank for you leading me now, that I might experience what blessings really are in life. You have my heart, God, and all I want to do is honor You and show Your love to everyone. Truly, it is my greatest desire to have You in my life. So continue to breathe upon me the Holy Spirit, that I might know the way. I don't want anything to come between us. Thank You, Lord, for delivering me from all the bondage in my life. Only You could remove the idols that were before me and lead me to You. I trust in You, Lord. Doing Your will brings me the greatest joy of all. I love You more than anything else. Amen.
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Lord, I pray that people of all ages will come to know You personally. May they come to understand that great and mighty are Your works and what You can do for them is limitless. Surely, there is no bounds to the spiritual gifts You can give them, because they love You and want to know You through their actions, and not only words. This is what I hope more people will be doing, for then will they experience the greatest joy of all, which is eternal love and happiness from above. You have the power alone to make lives whole again. You can take every vile addiction from our lives and replace them with good and holy desires. Even our sins can be forgiven, because of what You did, Jesus, on the cross. Thank you Lord. In the past, we were selfish in our own ambitions, but through Your mighty hand, all our selfishness is torn out of our lives and replaced with selflessness. Instead of wanting more and more, in order for the flesh to be satisfied, we now want to show more and more of Your love to others, that they may find satisfaction. It is true Lord, that the more I give to those in need, witness to people, and pray with people, that my joy increases. It is in Your service that I find the joy I've always been looking for. Nothing in this world can please my soul like You can God. For this reason, I pray that there will be more of Your desires in my heart and less of mine. I love You more than anything in this life, God. Amen.
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