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Category: Prayers (2019)

Lord, I pray that we will be more vigilant in knowing Your ways, that we ourselves will not willfully sin and not even know it. And as parents, teaching our children what is right is key to raising children to love You and to hate the darkness. Therefore, help every father and mother to love You more than the lusts of the flesh. May we long for Your holiness and not things that only lasts a moment. I know that Satan wants to deceive us into thinking that we do not have to wait to find our true joy, but that we can have it all now. This is such a lie and almost took me under, if it wasn't for Your mercy. How deep a hole I once was in my adultery and pornography addiction and if You had not helped me get out of this mess, my life would be wrecked, if not dead, because of my mistakes. Surely, Your punishments and wrath was upon me each day that I willfully sinned and did things that was only pleasing for the moment. If I had continued down this path of destruction, I would never have known Your great love for me and instead, I'd have hell to pay come judgment day. Thank You for keeping taking me home Lord and hearing my cries, though I had deliberately walked on Your commandments for many years. I was so wrong and I am so sorry for the life I once led. You could have just kicked me to the curb, but instead You took me in and cleansed me of all my sins. It was Your blood, Jesus, that washed me clean. Now my life is different and I can think clearly. What a great God you are for sparing my life. Oh, how I love You Lord. You are my God and my delight is to serve You. Amen.
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Lord, I pray that parents will desire to raise their children in Your ways, that they may know what is right and what is wrong. Also, help them understand the need to be a good example to their kids, that they may see what a Christian should live like. It is one thing for us to teach, but another thing to practice what we preach. Your words have taught me this and I know now how important it really is to be doing of what You say and not just a hearer only. So come Lord and make Your home inside of our hearts this day. Teach us what is holiness, that we may live accordingly. And if there be any sins in our lives that is keeping us away from Your presence, make it known to us now. I know that I can never learn how to do what is right in this world if You are not with me. That is why I need Your continual direction and guidance in my life. I also know that I will never be a good example to my children if You are not leading me and my wife by the hand. For this reason, I come to You in all humility, desiring to receive Your counsel, that I may be a better father figure to them, as You are to us. May my children see Your good works in my life and also desire to do the same things. Open their heart and ears, that they may be teachable, when it comes to the Bible and Your ways. May the Holy Spirit come into this house and attend to our family's needs each day of our lives. Your ways are righteous and I pray that our ways will be the same. I love You Lord. You are my God and I trust in You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people of all religions will one day understand the need to worship only one God and that is You, oh Lord. Help people realize the idols in their lives now, that they may be convicted of these things and desire to give them up for You. Surely, all idols of stone, pictures, or other things that are being bowed down to or served is idolatry. Doing such things is truly awful in Your sight and I wish that people would stop it today, that say they love You. I know that You have the power to remove every idol of Mary, the Saints, Buddha and anything from a person's heart, that is blocking them from worshipping You alone. As long as people are open to Your will, will they also yearn for Your commands and not want anything to come between them and You. This includes our time watching sporting events, playing video games, watching movies or TV, or spending time outdoors. I pray that none of these things will ever take my time away from You again. In the past it was video games, TV and movies that led me apart from Your love. And in doing this, I was caught up in pornography also. Surely, the idols I put before You almost destroyed my life and my marriage. If You hadn't come to me in my distress and woken me up to my sins, I would still be lost and broken today. Thank You Lord for caring so deeply for my needs and my life ahead of me. I know now that nothing can come before You in this life or the next. You are my God and I am willing to give up anything to have Your presence in my life. You are worth more to me than anything else I can gain in life. I love You dearly, oh Lord. You are my greatest treasure and my reward. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I am so grateful for Your presence in my life. If it was not for You leading me, I would still be worrying about my job situation and my health issues. Instead, because my faith is for You and that I only want to experience Your love in my life, everything has worked out for the good. You have never stopped loving me and even through my health problems and job situation, You gave me peace through it all. All I had to do is seek Your hand and my path was made straight. I knew exactly what I needed to do next. Even my health situation ended with You taking over my pains and healing me. Thank You so much Lord. You are such a blessing in my life. I prayed that You would touch my groin area and it would be healed. I told You that I had faith and knew that You were there for me and You answered the call. This I know, because Your promises never fail. And because of this Lord, I was able to experience that healing touch and receive a new job also. Thank you so much Lord. You are such a dear Father and truly cares for my life. I may not be perfect, but strive every day to live a life for You. Because without You I have no peace, but only pains. It is hard to even imagine a time that You have not been a part of the life. Surely, I am strengthened daily in Your great love. I have peace day in and day out and know that You have my back, when times are hard. My flesh may want to give up sometimes when it is hard, and even look at other ways to be happy, but this is always for naught. I have learned from the past that doing Your will is the greatest joy of all. I love You most, God. All the praise and the glory to Your holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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Lord God, I know that many people have hurt me over the years, but I know that with Your love in my life all of the anger inside of me is washed away. My old life is in the past and all I want to do now is love everyone, as You love us. There are no more grudges, but only forgiveness for all people, no matter the circumstances. Because You have my hand and have shown me how to love, I have no more need or desire to harm others that have hurt me, but only show them love in return and help them. It is Your presence in my life that helps me understand the worth of every person and to just love them where they are at now. Even if someone now wants to show me harm, even physically hurt me, I am able to bare this with Your peace in my life. It may be hard to not retaliate against those that hate me, but it is in Your will to continue to reach these people with Your kindness, so I will do this all the same. It is only hard to forgive one another when I am not living in Your light, but for the world. All other times that I am being led by the Spirit is when I am able to make better choices and simply forgive others, as I desire the same from You Lord, when I fall. I know that I am also to blame when it comes to hurting others, when Your love is not inside of me and I hope that these people will have a heart to forgive me as well. Surely, forgiveness and mercy is what we need in this life and I pray that I may be the first to show it when it is asked of me. It is the least I can do because of Your mercy and forgiveness for all my sins. Thank You Lord. I love You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people will understand the importance of following You. Not that they are forced into anything, but that their hearts desire to do the right thing, starting today. I know that even so-called Christians need to make this choice or pay the consequences later in judgment. If we desire to live with You on this New Earth and New Heaven, then our lives need to be for You also in this life. It really gets me thinking how people can think that they can just do their own things and simply say they believe in You, and be saved. This is such a false teaching and is even making a mockery of what You have said in scriptures through John and Your holy prophets. It is clear that to enter into the gates of New Jerusalem, we need to be worthy of Your presence. Even those that will eat from the tree of life ought to be obeying Your commandments each day. I know and many people know this as well, but instead their actions say differently. So I pray that people will stop being Sunday Christians, but truly live each and every day by what Your Word says and seek You often in prayer. And if we truly love You, then we will be reading the Bible daily and doing what You say. You will become the king of our lives and not just somebody we know of. For I know that when Your Holy Spirit comes inside of me, I want nothing else but more of You and less of me. I love You Lord and this love has led me to love others the same way. May I always be found worthy in Your presence. Help me to fight against temptation and win the battle, that I may always be on Your side. In thy holy name, Jesus, Amen.
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Lord, I pray that people of all nations will be awakened to the truth, which is found in the Bible. May these people also learn to love Your ways and not the ways of mankind. Help them to understand that beliefs and doctrines of men are dangerous and only lead to destruction. This includes worshiping idols. There is so much danger in the world we live in, not only physically but spiritually. We are fighting the battle between right and wrong each day and it makes it that much harder to know the truth when what is evil appears good. This is why, Lord, that we need to always have our eyes open to the deceitfulness of this world. And I know the only way we can do this is if we are built up in Your armor and have Your words in our hearts and in our minds. This way we will know if the teachings we learn in church come from You or not. And when we find out that teachings are not found in the Bible, help us know to question the person that is teaching and, of course, leave a false church behind. It is one thing for a person to wrongfully teach something that is contrary to God on purpose and not purposely do it. So Lord, we need people to question pastors and teachers when they have went against Your Word, and if they are not willing to see the wrong in doing so, it is also good for us to not stay with that church any longer. So may we always walk in Your light, that Your truth will always be with us. Thanks You Jesus for showing us the way. I love You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people that say they love You now, will also obey Your commands and do the things that are pleasing in Your sight. May mine and other people's testimonies of You speak louder than words, but also speak truthfully by our walk with You. Testify in us, Lord, what we ought to do, that is delightful and holy. Help us stay focused on things that are heavenly and stay apart from the wickedness of this world. I know the pains and sorrows that addiction can do to a person and I am so grateful that You have come into my life and brought me out of a life of bondage. I was surely enslaved in sexual sin, greed and covetousness, but through Your grace, I am healed. Through Your words, my life is strengthened enough to follow in Your light and to resist temptation now. Your words combined with prayer and living out what You say is true has built up the armor of faith in my life. Now I am able to do things with a clear conscience and know that what I am doing is for Your will and not my own. Surely, what makes me happy in life is not what this world offers but the love You bring to my soul daily and what I can do for others. As long as I have You near me, there is joy that never ends. This is what is most precious to my soul and what I need to be happy. It is not the things that this world that brings happiness, but Your presence, Lord. I am in awe at Your beauty. Thank You for Your forgiveness and mercy and leading me from darkness and into Your light. I can't wait till the day I will be with You forever in the New earth and heaven. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Lord God, I pray that I and every other believer will keep the faith and stand strong in it till the very end. May every person that follows You now also abide with You always. I know that there are many people that have once knew You, but have since found their pleasures in this world and even died in their unbelief. Instead of seeking Your hand, while they had time, they instead gave it all up for the lusts of the flesh. I know that this is the devil's mission on earth and we must fight the good fight every day of our lives, or else we will also be among those that fall away. I am so grateful God for the Bible and for prayer. If It wasn't for Your words that are in my heart daily I'd be back committing the same old sins once again. It is because the Holy Spirit has come upon me is why my heart is made strong to resist temptation and sin. I know its effects on me and I don't want the shame and guilt that comes with it any longer. Instead, I desire to be built up in Your love, peace and joy. It is not worth having temporary pleasure in sexual sin, for it only destroys the soul. This is a killer of many people now a-days. Because so many people that even call themselves Christians live a secret life of pornography, I know that they will be judged harshly by Your hands. They will not be among the first resurrection, to life eternal, but instead be involved in the second, which is the second death and damnation in the lake of fire. So I pray that people's eyes will be opened to their sins and that they repent, starting today. These things I pray, in thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people will be on your side when the end of their lives and or the end of this earth comes. And may the people that believe in You now, also be Your followers at all times. I know that people can put on a good face, but not really be for You in their actions. It truly takes a person that is devoted to Your cause to truly live a life that is worthy of calling themselves a Christian. All others are only wolves in sheep's clothing, for every person that loves You will also obey Your commandments. They will not live in sin, but come unto You in every moment that they fall short and repent of their sins. In doing this, will they be found washed in Your blood and no longer live in sin. It is truly a wonderful thing to know that we are made clean because of the cross. Just to know that our conscience is clean is the most wonderful feeling of all. In this moment do I feel alive and actually feel good about myself and others. This is when I feel purified and forgiven and my thoughts are lifted up. I can then go on in life blessing other people's lives. In these moments, it becomes more of, how I can do good for others, then what I can do for myself. And as this is the life You led on earth, I am so grateful to live a similar life for You. I know that the Spirit is what helps me live in Your presence and to walk in Your good works. It is my faith in You that has brought me to this point and now You are able to do the rest in me. Thank You Lord. May my faith and others endure till the very end. I am so blessed to be called Your child and to one day be with You in heaven forever. These things I pray, in thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that more souls will be saved, out of all the true and false religions upon the earth. I know that out of the Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses and others, whom are deceived, there are still many of them searching for truth, that is ripe for the harvest. All they need is a witness from You to wake them up to the truth. So I pray that You will visit these people in dreams, visions, premonitions, prayer, the Bible, and Your witnesses. In any occurrence that You are able to wake them up to know You, I know that it is up to them to follow You. The same way that You asked people to follow You on earth, Jesus, I know it is similar to how we are approached now. I also know how important it is to make a choice to follow You unto salvation. Many people may say that they believe in You, Lord, but really in their hearts, they are far from You. These people may seem like good people on the outside, but in reality they never made time for You and Your Words. Instead, they made time for their own things in life and left You apart from them. This is what I worry about Lord. Since in Your Words are eternal life, I am saddened to think that many people do not hunger or thirst after Your Words anymore, and therefore left the faith unknowingly. This is truly an issue for all so-called Christians and I pray that people will become true Christians and desire to truly follow You and do Your will, starting today. May more people desire what only You give Lord, which is true joy and happiness. This I pray, in thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people will be drawn to what Your Words have said in scripture and are still teaching us each day, as we read them. I know that as we read the Bible daily, will we understand Your thoughts and desires towards mankind. We will also learn how to walk in Your light and not be deceived by the things of this world. Even what we have been taught over the centuries can be unlearned as the Holy Spirit teaches us the truth. I know how much better it is to be led by You and not man, for Your ways lead to eternal life and nobody else can do this. No doctrine of men will ever lead me to know You better, but only detract from knowing You and lead me on the path of destruction. I never want anything that adds to or removes from Your words to be a part of my faith in You, oh God. So may my worship, that I give to You always be pleasing in Your sight. I pray that I will always offer the best sacrifices and offerings to Your great Name. Help me to understand what is wrong., that I may fight against it and not join in. I know that I cannot win the battle over Satan without You in my life. I need You to strengthen me daily as I go walk through this life, as I cannot go through it on my own and be successfully. With clarity of mind, which You give, I will see the battle that is waging before me and fight for Your cause for victory. I know that this means giving up my own thoughts and beliefs for Your cause, but I know it is important. If I am ever out of line with Your will, please correct me and pierce my heart, that I may repent and come back into Your loving arms once again. It is Your ways that I am for, so lead me every hour. I need You Lord. Help me along the way. You are my Father and my great God, whom I serve. I love You. Amen.
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Lord God, I pray that people will not lose hope in You when times are hard. Help us all understand that difficult times come to each of us, but what matters is who we turn to for peace and solace in those times. The people of this world may help us mask our heartaches, fears and depression for a time, but You, God, are the giver of peace and hope that never ends. I know that as long as I continue to put my trust in You and call upon Your name, day in and day out, will You be there for me. For You have never let me down. Even in my sicknesses has there been Your presence to bear me up and heal me. When I go on the streets to witness for Your great name, people may persecute me but I know that Your Spirit is working harder to win souls. As long as I continue to look to You and seek Your face, with all my heart, I am made stronger in this life. I have the power to break the chains of sin and darkness and be rescued by Your hand, dear Lord. You have raised me up from a life of lust, covetousness, bitterness and anger and filled me with Your love. In this way, my own desires have turned to doing Your will in other people's lives. Because of this, all I want is to do is to help my neighbor now. If a person is in need, my heart aches for them and I must stop to care for them in that moment. This is Your love working in my life, Lord. If my life is different, it is because You have poured into me the Holy Spirit. And now, I am able to be a light to this lost generation and warn others about these last days. I pray that more people will repent and be drawn from their carnal state of mind and into following You, Lord. May You become the king of their lives as You are mine. Then, will more souls be won for Your kingdom. This I pray Lord, in thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that we will be ready when the last days hit us. Even if those days are now, may we be ready to serve You in the most trying times to come. I know that in the great tribulation our faith will be severely tested, even unto death by the hands of the wicked. So I pray that myself and others that love You now will not lose hope in You and Your promises. Surely, times may get difficult and hard to bear, but I know that after this life all of our worries and cares will be over. We may not have peace in every moment of this life, but the day that we are with You in heaven, all our tears will be wiped away. Thank You Lord for Your great love for us. I know that You don't wish us to suffer on earth, but You also cannot control the wicked and allow them to do their own things because of freewill. That is so awesome of You, Lord. You don't control anyone and allow people to choose what they wish in life. If people decide to follow You, then there are blessings in this life and the next. To those that do not, then they may have joy now, but their punishments will be upon them in the next. Justice is served for the righteous and wicked because of those that repent and others that stay in their unbelief. It is so great that You are able to see though people in life and know who truly loves You. For this reason You were called to be our judge and is able to do that job better than anyone else. It is in Your hands that we have forgiveness and mercy. Your compassion has no end. Thank You for saving me, when I thought my days were numbered. I am so grateful Lord and I owe all to You because of this. I love You and I say these things in thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that our minds will be open to Your mysteries. May we stop thinking that we know enough, but allow Your visions to come into our minds and hearts, that we may also see things as You see them. I know that what John saw in Revelations came from You and You are able to help us understand these prophesies as well as John was able to learn them. So I pray that each person that loves You and wants to do Your will, like I do, will also be filled with the Spirit and see things with the Holy Spirit in a new light. You have the power to enlighten our minds, that the veil may come off our faces and we are able to see what is truth and what is of God. It is my heart's desire to come to know You greater each day through Your words in scripture, in prayer, and in ministry. May I always have You near me, that I may be on Your straight and narrow path that leads to heaven. I know that there are many ways in life to go, but only one way that will lead me to find true joy, that is only found in You. May every person that says they believe in You, truly believe in You for salvation. May my faith in You be evident by Your Godly works in my life and others. It is truly a joy to serve You and to minister to others in Your great Name. I wish all the world would know You and to make You the king of their lives. You are the Lord of all and can change anyone's life, if we but confess our sins and look to You in faith. Keep us in line with Your words daily and lead us away from temptation. I love You more Lord. In thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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Lord God, may we all be prepared to meet You, when the end of our days are done on earth. I pray that we may keep You in our hearts and minds at all times. That we may glorify You in what we say and do. Your words are a lamp unto our feet and lead us to safety. In this wicked world that we live in, we are able to know what is right and what is wrong and strive to live in Your holiness, because You are with us. I know that this desire does not come from my own self, but from You Lord, who strengthens me. If it was up to my own flesh to decide what to do in this life, surely I'd be in trouble. My lusts for the things of this world would get the best of me. Even my thoughts and desires for women would get out of hand quickly. This was my life and I no longer wish my flesh to take control over me like it did in the past. The day that You led me out of my pornography addiction and my life of adultery is when my life changed forever. I used to be in bondage of sin until You rescued me. Instead of having thoughts for myself and my needs, You gave me new thoughts for other people. With Your Spirit leading me, I was able to walk in Your light and no longer be a slave to things that I know causes me shame and guilt. And now Lord, my life is in Your hands to do with me as You please. I am Your servant and am willing to do whatever You say. Your counsel is the wisdom I need to go onward in life with hope for tomorrow. As long I am safe in Your arms, I can go through all the trials of life and still come out victorious. You are my greatest love of all and for You, Lord, I give You all the praise and honor. It is amazing to worship You and to glorify Your Name. I love You God. In thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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