Today’s Prayer (12/17/2019)

Oh Lord, I am grateful for this new life. Thank You for rescuing me and leading me out of a life of sin. I may have thought that life was good back before I was saved, but I was so wrong. All the TV shows, movies, videos games, and things I accumulated never led me to find joy that lasted. They always got old and I needed something else to replace those things. Even the pleasure I received in the moment in pornography was nothing compared to all the guilt and shame I felt afterwards. Surely, a life of heartache and regret is not worth temporary fulfillment in the lusts of the flesh. Therefore, my marriage suffered because of these evil choices. So thank You, Lord, for healing my soul and delivering me out of all the bondage I was in. I needed a surgeon to go in and cut of out my heart all the evil and wicked things that I had added to it and my mind over the years and You did all of this. The day I gave You my life in prayer is the day that my life was never the same again. Instead of desiring to be fulfilled in my lusts and covetousness in earthly treasures, I am now fulfilled with the things You can do in my life. Even loving others brings me so much joy. TV is a waste of time now, for being engaged in the Bible is more important to me. And since I have cut out the TV time, I have so much more time to work in Your kingdom. You’ve also given me new desires that include better music choices, ministries to watch, and boldness to evangelize on the streets. I am made whole by Your blood, and the things of this world no longer bring me joy like You do. Thank you for washing me and cleansing me from within, that I may become a witness for You and not just a believer on paper. I love You, Lord. There is nothing else I’d rather put my faith in, but You. Amen.

Matthew 6:33

Matthew 6:33 (KJV)
33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

How To Seek God First In Our Lives

What is important in life, in order to be on the right path, is that we change our environment that we are in. This is how we can stop willfully sinning.